Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, August 25, 2014

Real- Life Nancy se bautizó!

Helloooooo dearies!

This week was another rollercoaster of a week, but it is FINE because all ended up perfect and also we went on another field-trip. 

Last, what was it? Wednesday? We went to visit our beloved Nancy, who is a young woman that we have been teaching for about 6 weeks. She had already pushed back her baptism date a week because she didn´t feel 100% prepared, but on Sunday she said the 23rd was the day she wanted to be baptized. Perfect. We will not push anyone into the waters of baptism. And she was right... She hadn´t been taught everything she needed to know. So we changed the date to the 23rd. 

Anyroad, on Wednesday we went to her house for a lesson and her dad was there. He kept saying that it is her decision and he will support her, but he had a LOT of questions about the church, and he was trying to get her to post-pone her date again. I wanted to be like, "YO. Dad. Stop, please." The awesome part was that Nancy was totally defending the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and the Church.. everything. She was bearing her testimony without even knowing what she was doing. But, in the end, she did ask if we could postpone her baptism further. We decided to simply bear testimony, and pray right there with her about her decision. She felt she did not get an answer. We did not know what to do and I felt like the worst missionary in the whole world. We ended with her saying that she would still go to the interview we had scheduled for that night, and she would make her decision then. 

I do not know what happened in the interview. It was the longest interview ever, and I was stressing out the whole time. But she came out saying that she would be ready for Saturday. HALLELUJAH! It was a miracle. I was so so so so happy! 

I still was a little stressed out until Saturday when everyone arrived and all was set up and it was beautiful. Nancy was gorgeous, and her mom came to support her... Something that we did not think was going to happen. We had 2 adultas solteras speak on baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. They were perfect. The spirit was SO strong. Nancy just cried the whole time. She´s a little like me that way. :) We also had all the young adults women sing "Conmigo Quedate Señor", which is Nancy´s favorite hymn. It was beautiful. I just really can´t get over how perfect the whole thing was. Ah. #Estoycontenta.

Today we went on another field trip! To Yunkä! It was AWESOME! I saw and ELEPHANT! and also manatees and tigres and monkeys. But I think the most exotic creature they had on the reserve was the white-tailed deer. That´s right. They have deer here as part of the zoological landscape. Hilarious. All the Americans were like, "Really? We have those in the backyard. Literally. They eat all our plants." 

I took pictures of all this.. but, wouldn´tcha know it.. I can´t figure out how to work this computer. My memory card isn´t showing up in the equipo section like it should. So.. Sorry. 

I hope that all goes well on your trip! Temples are the best. Also, Thank you for your prayers. We sure need them here in the mission field. 

I love you I love you i love you!

Hermana Moser
My companion is in the red pants on top.

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