Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Thursday, February 12, 2015

nananananananana BAT GIRRL!

February 9, 2015

Do you want to hear a good story? It is a really good one. BOY will you ever laugh.

Once upon a time, we (hermana Rivero de la Guarda de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias and I) were doing our daily studying. I thought, "I need something from the bedroom." So I got up and walked into the bedroom. When I opened the door two huge creatures flew at my face and almost knocked me over before flying out the window. I thought to myself," HOW did birds get in here?!" Then I looked to my right, above the bed where sleeps my lovely compaƱera, and there were bats. BATS. Dangling there like they owned the place. Well I commenced screaming and turned on the lights, which only made the bats scared and they started flying again which made me scream more which made my companion wonder what in the world was happening.... It was quite a good time. I think I have had just about every little unexpected creature crawl into my room. YEAH Mexico! haha

I am sure you are now wondering, "But HOW? How did bats get in there?" I will tell you the other side of the story: 

We live in one of the upstairs apartments, and there is a full house downstairs. No one is renting the house downstairs because they want a ridiculous amount of money for it. But the owner was there the other day cleaning it, and when he turned on the lights he spooked all the bats that had mad their residence there. So then the bats flew up through the hallway and in through our window that has a whole in it where we keep the invisible clima (air conditioner). He had thought that they had flown away away.... Until he heard the screaming. :) Then he came upstairs to save our lives. 

So that´s the story. 

This week I was called to repentance repeatedly. First, in the consejo de liderazgo that we had with the zone leaders and with president. We talked about how to be better leaders and better missionaries and I felt like I have definitely not been doing enough. I have been super selfish and that is not okay. We will see what will happen  with the cambios this weekend... I feel like my days as a leader will be over since the only other companionship of hermanas in the zone are going home and their area is closing. So we will just have to see what happens. Hopefully I get the chance to make restitution so my repentance can be complete :) We also got to go to the temple and it was awesome! I love the temple. It never gets old, and I did not want to leave. 

We had a baptism on Sunday! Of a sweet little girl named Johana whose parents are being reactivated. Her dad talked with the bishop, and he said that he could baptize his daughter! SO that was really awesome! They are the sweetest people. They just love instantly and are so humble. They live about 1000 miles away, though, so it is hard to see them. (It´s like a 20 minute combi ride). She will be confirmed on Sunday.

We have two more fechas for this weekend, and we are SO hoping that they come to pass! Their names are Rodelmar and Laura and they are so funny. The other day Hermana R. had this idea out of the clear blue to go see if we could find an investigator named guadalupe (who is Roder´s brother). So we get there, and Laura is sitting outside! They had just finished a reso (no se como se escribe) for the dad that passed away 5 months ago. I noticed that she put her drink down really fast, and so I asked her what it was. It was coffee! haha But it was still full. She said they had just barely handed it to her and she didn´t know what to do. And then when her husband got there and saw a cup of coffee on the ground he was like, "But the missionaries are right there!!" and started laughing at her bad fortune. hahaha it was really funny, actually. We are working hard with them and praying that they will stay strong for Saturday. We love them so much!

The people here are awesome! I love the work! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Monse. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Feb. 2, 2015

This week we FINALLY had our interviews with the president. I have been waiting for a very long time. The actual interview was actually really short and there are no problems and I didn´t even cry! He helped me a lot with some super difficult investigatores that we have and he is just the best mission president ever. His wife is super intimidating, though. While we took turns going to the interviews she gave us a special training. It ended with this crazy game that was terrible. hahaha It was a dice that had a different terrifying question on each side. One side was "memorized scriptures" (because we all have had to memorize 2 scriptures for cada principio of the lessons) and another side was "Predicad mi evangelio." The worst side was "30 second contacts" where she would give you a material and tell you to contact someone while she timed you. The best side was "personal questions".. but one elder was asked about his family and he couldn´t remember anything! hahaha.. He is about to finish his 2 years, bless him. It was a good time. 

Then afterwords.... CHRISTMAS CAME! hahaha I think it´s hilarious that everyone is smack-talking the mexican mail system the week that it finally arrived. :) You all out-did yourselves this time. The elephants... the handmade necklace.. . the recipe book...(subtle haha)... It was all so exciting to unwrap! And then...a book. I was really confused at first because I was thinking, "Ah..bless them. They sent me a Christmas book IN ENGLISH. How will I share this with people?" And then I realized what it was. And then I pushed the little button. And then I cried because all of your voices came out at me from the tiny speaker. And then I laughed because when Nathan says his name he says it really funny. It is the best gift I have ever received. Thank you VERY much!!!!

And let´s stop bashing my country, aight? No one got their Christmas packages in December. I think they were just super overloaded. Also... They say that it is good to send stuff through the US post. They are the ones that never get opened. So good job, family. :) 

We have an incredible ward here in Cunduacan. They members are super excited about the work! They have been giving us references like crazy. And our mission leader loves us! And he goes on visits with us! Last night he taught us right from the scriptures in our correlation meeting, and it was awesome! I love this ward. I am just afraid of messing it up. haha

I am trying to think of other funny or random things that happened this week... but I can´t. Tengo prisa. Sorry about it. I will write things in my journal and we will read it together someday. :) 

I LOVE YOU I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser

Lovin' the Pineapple

January 26, 2015


I apologize for what I am sure will be a super lame email. I do not know what is wrong with me. I feel like every day is monday and that there is nothing new to tell... I probably should have read my journal or something to freshen up on the happenings of this last week but... I didn´t. So let´s just hurry and remember things, shall we? 

On Tuesday we had divisions with the sisters in Comalcalco. They are so fun! The hermana I was with has SO MUCH HAIR!. So much. And it´s huge and curly and awesome. Kind of like the princess in the movie Brave. It made me feel a little weird with the um... less than a lot hair that I have haha. She was really nice and I learned a lot from her. Both of those sisters are about to end their mission in 3 weeks. I know that I am the one that is supposed to be helping them, but I really just feel like it´s the other way around. They are totally the ones teaching here. Hermana Rivero and I are always like "SHARE YOUR WISDOM!" They are great. 

One object lesson that hermana Hernandez taught me we used with hermana Bertha. Have I told you about hermana Bertha? No? Well let me just tell you... She is a lovely daughter of God, but she is a piece of work. It is exhausting to teach her because sometimes she is just in a mood and will back talk every little principle you teach. It is awesome. But she wants to get baptized and she is the wife and mother of members.... We are practicing patience with her. She is wonderful, really. She gives us food all the times, and blankets too because it has been FREEZING these last few weeks. Gracias a this new object lesson and also the spirit that was there, she actually agreed to read the book of mormon! This is enormous progress with her!!! YAY!
Speaking of crazy neighbors.. We have this neighbor who is Adventista (I am not sure what religion that is in America). She is trying to convert us and also trying to marry us off with her sons. THAT is not going to happen for a plethora of reasons, pero bueno. She is super nice and always willing to give us food. She believes that everyone can be a prophet and that Saturday is the Sabbath. She is not currently progressing.

We do have two investigadores with fechas though! For the 14th of february. They are precious. We taught the first lesson this week, and they asked all the right questions and gave all the right answers and didn´t even hesitate to the baptismal invitation! YAY!!! We are so excited!

I have a food story. Ahem: 

Yesterday we were eating some tacos. Normal, right? I was DYING inwardly because something was super spicy and I could not for thelife of me figure out what it was! I tried the meat with only the salsa... the meat only with the other salsa.. the meat alone... Do you see where I am going with this? It was only when I tried only the meat and the PINEAPPLE that I realized what was killing me slowly. THERE WAS CHILI IN THE PINEAPPLE! Who  even does that? That is sneaky sneaky. hahaha Hermana Rivero and I got a good laugh about that afterwords because she had done the exact same thing with the taste testing. Listen... I can eat chili... but not THAT much chili. WHOO. 

WElll.. I am happy and healthy and I hope you are the same. 
I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser