Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday surprises!

Hola mí familia!
I´m writing first today, without reading anything from anyone because... well I´ll explain in a second. Just wanted you (coughmomcough) to know why I am not answering any questions in this here email.
First off, my birthday was wonderful!!! Remember that mission-wide volleyball tournament? I lied. It was the 4 zones in our stake and we played baseball and kickball. It was SO FUN. I am serious. The president, his wife, and their two daughters played with us too and it was just a "ball." (ha-ha). It was also the birthday of another sister in the mission, so all of the missionaries sang us happy birthday in two different songs and two different languages. HAPPY BIRTHDAY A TODOS!
I also realized this week that I am way more passionate about things that I cared little to nothing about before. Por ejemplo: Baseball. Got real into that game. And also science. Hermana Wood told me the other day that she didn´t believe in dinosaurs, and I went off on this tangent about how science and religion can be friends instead of enemies.... She probably thought I was crazy. 
Back to my birthday... After the games we went to DAIRY QUEEN with our zone and it was delicious. I mean, real ice cream on my birthday? What more could a girl ask for? Then we went back to Frontera, washed our clothes in the lavanderia of Hermano Reyes and hermana Ana, and then went shopping for fud. Theeeennnn we went to Hermana Flor´s house, where these lovely hermanas of mine had set up a little surprise party espcially for me! There were balloons... hot dogs.. hortchata... cake... They even upheld their "push the birthday kids face in the cake." Oh, how we laughed. It was a wonderful time. :)
I know what you are thinking. "Oh. That must be the birthday surprise she is referring to in the title." Please notice, dear family, that I have written above birhtday surpriseS. As in mas que uno. I suppose that you are supposing that I am writing from the same place I have written for many weeks. If you are supposing that, you would be wrong. Today was the day of cambios, and I have been changed! I´m writing to you from the lovely little town of Villahermosa, where I am working with Hermana Lopez. She has 14 months in the mission, and is super sweet. So... Shock of your life, right? I know. Still doesn´t feel real.
Well, I´ll write more next week! Those are the two most important things you need to know, and Io don´t actually know how much time we have to write today. But know that I love you, and I pray for each of you every day!!!
I love you I love you I love you!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Moser
PS Shout out to baby brother Jesse for getting baptized this Saturday!!! I´m proud of you, buddy! I´ll be thinking about you! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

¡Cristo ha resucitado!

Querido Familia, 

Gracias for all of the wonderful letters.. well, emails. I loved them! Ya´ll know how to hit a girls heartstrings. I laughed.. I cried.. It´s just been an emotion roller coaster up in here. 

I am very glad that you all remembered my birthday. Turns out, President Morales remembered too and is planning a party that includes the entire mission. It´s probably because I am the favorite of President and Sister Morales. I am joking, of course, but there really is going to be a party on my birthday in Villa! We are having a mission-wide volleyball tournament that day. I do not know why, because we have a LOT to do this week (where we are hoping for a miracle baptism in every companionship in the mission) but I am excited! It also means that Wednesday will be our p-day, and so today is just a normal working day apart from this moment of escribiendo. :) It is really weird. And also, we don´t have any food at home... Looks like some hermanas are gonna have to hit the bakery on the way home tonight. 

Easter in Mexico is weird. The ¨Santa Semana¨ is a week of vacaciones, so hardly anyone was in town. Friday, the day that Christ was crucified, the entire town was closed. There was nothing open! Not even a doctor! and apparently there was a re-enactment type thing that happened in town. I don´t know. Then Sunday, the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, not to mention the Holy Sabbath, everything was open and people were going about their business like nothing happened. It was so weird! So backward! I wanted to just sit everyone down and have a nice long chat with them about priorities and in what order they should be placed. I guess that´s my job, though. It´s just that we sit them down one at a time...

Speaking of investigators, our lovely familia de oro is still progressing! Well, they didn´t come to church yesterday and we don´t know why, but we do know that hermana Mary--who thought she was giving the family directions to the church--was actually talking to someone that goes to church down the street. So that was awkward. Apparently we didn´t give her the right number. But we are going to have family home evening with them tonight, and we´re really excited! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation last week, and they were all so receptive! All of their little children were just sitting there listening just as intently as their parents. I could picture all of them in white standing outside of the temple for their sealing-day photos! ahhhh!!! Que emoción! :D First things first, though... #baptism.

We also have this other investigator that we met this week named Alberto. He is 76 years old, and the most precious old man I have ever seen. He has a lot of regrets about his past life, because he drank and other such things and never thought about God. He has never been baptized, and now he is really worried about his eternal salvation. The problem is, he feels he has already committed himself to his little church across the street. He feels good about the doctrine we teach, and he knows our message is the truth, but every day when we leave his pastor comes to talk to him and confuses him about everything. It is the saddest thing to see how he is being taken advantage of, when all he really wants is to find the true church of God. We are not giving up on him. But your prayers would be greatly appreciated in his behalf. :) 

I´ve been reading the New Testament these last couple of weeks, and I gotta say... Wow. There is a lot of power in reading about the life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am learning so much from His example on how to be a missionary! It says all the time that He "opened his mouth," that "he taught with power and authority," and that he "astonished the people with his doctrine." That is what we need to do! We have been CALLED. We have been set APART. We have GREAT power and GREAT authority as messengers of Christ, and we need to be ASTONISHING. What a blessing it is to be missionary at this time of hastening the Lords work! Every day hermana Martinez and I just have this moment of " The Church is True." There is just no way that it is not. We have all the knowledge of the Gospel and Doctrine of Christ that we need in order to achieve eternal exaltation. It is the greatest thing ever. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my tag out of the corner of my eye and I just think, "This is it. This is my time to serve. This is my time to be a special witness of Christ." It is so weird to be a missionary, especially since the time is FLYING and  still have like a billion things to improve on.. but it is the coolest feeling and the biggest blessing. I don´t think it is possible to regret the decision to serve a full-time mission. 

And yes, I have seen those videos. Well, actually only one of them. "Because of Him." Powerful. Everyone should go watch it. 

Well.... Thank you again for thinking of me this week! I am sure I am the luckiest and most loved misionera in all the world! 

I love you I love you I love you! 

Hermana Moser

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Conferences and Miracles

April 14, 2014


First of all, I love that Mom´s email was entitled "Is it summer yet?" Because it literally has been summer for 5 months, and it is beyond weird to think that you are just now starting to venture out of doors. "What´s that? Cold? What does that feel like?" haha

Actually, last week we had a special 2-zone conference with President Morales and the asistentes. After some "SI SE PUEDE" talks by Elder Rich, Elder Gomez, and the President, we were told to leave the building to find an investigator to teach. Just any old random person on the street would do. However, none of us could find anybody because it was raining cats and dogs and everybody was either working or wanted to go straight home. So we ended up teaching a young man that was working maintenance on the church... who was an RM and therefore a VERY difficult investigator. hahaha Also the rain and the air conditioning in the capilla made for a very cold conference. I just had to keep telling myself to embrace the cold. 

One of the elders said something that really hit me. He had all of us stand up and say an attribute of Christ (as found in Predicad mi Evangelio) that our companion has. Afterwards, he asked us how we felt. Obviously we felt the spirit, because there was such a strong feeling of love and friendship in the room. He reminded us that if we look for the good in others, we will find it. Then they talked about how Christ had 12 very imperfect companions that he had to work with, and look at how He treated them! Never with an unkind word and always with patience. It was a little bit of a slap in the face for us all, but especially me. There is always room for more love and patience in a companionship, and sometimes that´s hard to remember. All missionaries have bad days and hard times, and they all need to be treated with kindness and charity. It´s a lesson that I learned many times over in this past week, actually. 

We also had the consejo de liderazgo in Villahermosa this week too, which means I get to hang out with different companions all day. Met the most adorable new American sister, as well as 3 Latinas that I got to work with. It is so fun to get to know all of the sisters and learn from them! Everyone has different styles and personalities. And also different words, because apparently every Spanish state and country has a different vocabulary. Go figure. haha

Hermana Martinez and I have certainly felt the power of your fast for us! We had so many small and tender mercies last week. Por ejemplo: Remember Rubicel? I don´t know if I ever told you about him... He is 12 years old and he came to us about 2 months ago because he wanted to learn more about the church. We taught him about the Restoration, and he came to church twice. The second week he came, he told us that he wanted to be baptized April 19th. We were like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" and it was awesome. Then, out of the clear blue, he told us he didn´t want to learn anymore. Didn´t want to pray.. didn´t want to read his scriptures.. It was really weird. But we decided to keep going back just to invite him and his family to activities and things. So last week we went back to invite them to the noche de barrio that we had on friday, and his mom (Who reminds me SO MUCH of Aunt Kerry, it´s ridiculous) was like "Why haven´t you been around to teach Rubicel?" So we told her that we didn´t know what happened sha-la-la...longish story short, we went back yesterday evening to teach not only the hermana, but her husband and their FIVE children! And Rubicel joined in too!!! It was the sweetest feeling to be there with an entire family, and to have them all interested in the message of the Plan of Salvation. We think that Rubicel was just scared to get too attached to the church when he wasn´t sure what his parents would think, but now that he knows they´re interested too... well, let´s just say home-boy is coming to both young men activities this week. :D ·#éxito

You asked about the "agua" that we drink. First, you should know that agua does not mean "water" in spanish. "agua natural" means water in Spanish, and you do have to specify or they will give you some kind of juice. The juice here is really good though. I´ve had watermelon agua, cantelope agua, guava agua, oranga agua, jamaica agua, tamarindo agua... all kinds of things. There is also a special beverage thing called pozol, that is very famous and unique to Tabasco. It is delicious, but only when prepared in certain ways. It is also probably not very good for you, but it is FINE. And I think we´re staying pretty hydrated, because people take one look at us and ask if we would like something to drink. Yesterday we were waiting for an hermana, and this man came and gave us bottles of water. Guess we were lookin pretty thirsty :) hahaha

ALSO I would like to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY BROTHER JESSE!!!!! WOW! Eight years old. Practically 80. :) I´m so excited to hear about your baptism, buddy! It´s going to be so great!!! 
I am for sure darker than I was in Idaho, but not as dark as I thought I would be. Apparently the tanning gene skipped me and went straight to Nathan and Brad. I do have a nice watch line though, so that´s exciting. :) haha My companion does use sunscreen, but she is so dark now it doesn´t even matter. She hates it too. Mexicans want to be as light as possible, as it turns out. She laments daily that she WAS white... "tiempo pasado.." haha

Wow. Mom shared a powerful quote from Elizabeth Smart. Puts things into perspective, doesn´t it? One thing that I have learned is that the time WILL pass, and what really matters is our attitude moment-to-moment. It´s more than ENDURE to the end, it´s ENJOY to the end. The little moments -- or in this case, pretty big moments-- of discomfort, trial, or discouragement will pass. This life is all about how we react to those moments and what we can learn from them. I am amazed by people like her that can remain so positive and grounded even after something so huge, but that´s the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Well... That´s all I got. I think. haha I hope you all have a wonderful week full of happiness and love and joyful things. Don´t forget to pray for missionary experiences... and don´t forget to look for them!

I love you I love you I love you! 

Hermana Moser
Friendly lider misional doing some yardwork via machete.

Learning to make tortillas in Relief Society.

Me and My Companion

Conferencia General

April 7, 2014

Hola familia mía!

Cómo han estado? I would like to begin with a SEVERE reprimand because NO ONE told me that my dear cousin Marlayna was engaged. (Congratulations, by the way.. That´s wonderful and your pictures are really adorable! :) And so now I would like an explanation and a note of apology from everyone that knew and didn´t tell me. Thank you. 

Wasn´t conference wonderful? Did I understand all of it? No. Did I still learn something? Yes. Like a thousand somethings. I have no doubt in my mind that those men and women are called of God to lead and guide us through these perilous times. How blessed we are to have guidance and to know what we need to do to be truly happy in this life! QUE BENDICIÓN! My favorite part was when Elder Packer bore his testimony of the Savior. It was so powerful. You can just feel that the apostles are special witnesses of Christ, even through transmission. OH I cannot get over how blessed we are!!

I also loved when Elder Holland said something like, ¨Being a missionary is hard, but we do it anyway because we love them.¨(Maybe it was part of the letter he read? Ya no me acuerdo). This work is not something that is easy to do, and sometimes it gets real frustrating when people use their agency to make the wrong choice. Take, for example, that not only did none of our investigators come to conference, but neither did most of the active members. We do not understand. But as I looked through my notes afterwards, I noticed how many times I had written the word ¨love.¨ ¨Christlike love is the greatest thing we have on this planet--It can change the world.¨¨Love God and love your neighbor--you can´t do one without the other.¨¨Ours is a message of love.¨We are here because we love these people. They are our brothers and our sisters, and they have an eternal potential and divine worth that they cannot yet see. How we are going to help them make better decisions we don´t quite know yet, but everything is in God´s time. And if there is one thing I am learning on my mission, it is that when we trust in the Lord todo va a estar bien. 

ALSO Elder Scott totally voiced-over his own talk. IT WAS AWESOME! The man can speak Spanish. Did you know that? I did not know that. 

And now for a funny conference story:
My dear, sweet companion, Hermana Martinez, decided that since we weren´t going to be doing a lot of walking on Saturday, she wanted to wear high heels. Not super high.. only like an inch.. but she hadn´t worn them for her entire mission. What she didn´t remember, is that we had offered to pick up an investigator that lives on the other side of town for conference. We had been walking for like 4 minutes, and she was already sweating bullets and saying that I would have to go on without her. She was walking with these tiny little baby steps, and it was the funniest thing ever. I literally could not even walk slow enough for her to keep up with me. I´d get to walking and then I´d hear ¨Sister Moser! Espere! Camino como tortuga!¨hhahahaha.. So funny. 

Turns out, our investigator ¨salió¨ which meant that we had walked all that way for nothing. So as we began walking, I began complaining about being lied to all the times and hermana M was complaining about sweating and high heels. Then I just started laughing, and likened our situation to Laman and Lemuel. There we were, traveling in the desert, and now we have to go all the way back? #murmuring Mi compañera sure got a kick out of that, and it helped us turn our attitudes right back around to being more of the Nephi and Sam variety. I mean.. she was still sweating and walking like a turtle, but we could laugh about it. Well, I could laugh about it. :) 

Nathan was in distinguished dude?! Cool! What was his talent? Photos? Thanks. THANK you, also, for the pictures of prom and the pink bunny. Well worth the wait, those. :) 

Remember how happy I was that we didn´t have daylight savings in Mexico? I spoke too soon. We definitely have daylight savings in Mexico, and I do not like that new horario. It´s still dark when we get up, and there is more sun during the day. All of the misioneras are tired, and I think it´s because it feels like 5 in the morning when we wake up. So.. We were on the same schedule as ya´ll for about a month, but now we´re an hour ahead otra vez. Which will be good to know for May 10th, don´t you think? ;)

I am glad that you are all happy and healthy! Thank you so much for your prayers and your fasting and your love. I am one truly blessed misionera, y les quiero a cada uno de ustedes! 

I love you I love you I love you! 

Hermana Monster.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Is it April yet?

Holaaaaaaa everyone!

Glad to hear your trip was just a lovely experience! I´m also glad to hear that you are all home safe and sound. You never know what you are gonna get with those northern roads... especially with Brad driving........ :) 

Also now there are two pictures that I am waiting on. 1) Dad as the pink bunny. 2) Nathan at prom with Kaesi. Grashus. 

For the benefit de mi madre: We drink milk out of cardboard cartons. It´s the non-refridgerated stuff. It is all sorts of nasty when you drink it by itself, but over some sugar cereal it sure is tasty. We do not knock on doors, we call at the gate. Every house has like a wrought iron fence or something like that, and we cannot even get to the door let alone knock it. So we ¨Buenas tarDES¨ outside the gate. It is only not effective when they are behind a closed door, which is almost never because it is so hot and all doors and windows are open at all times. 

Investigators can touch us..just not boy investigators. Or boy anyone. The shoulder tapping was pretty harmless, but he´s getting more bold. Not with me.. but with Hermana Martinez. Bless him. (Right now we´re talking about Andres, age 19). We taught him the first half of the Plan of Salvation last week, and it was so powerful! We were in a lesson with Hermano Rodrigo, our 26 year recently returned missionary/ lider misional, which always makes things better. Andres had all of these questions about why he needs to repent, and what is going to happen if he doesn´t, why Jesus would do something like that, etc. Thus we explained the atonement of Jesus Christ, and why it is so incredibly important that we have this gift. I shared one of my favorite scriptures on the atonement--Alma 7: 12. ¨And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities¨Then I had this a-ha moment, where I realized that because we lived with Christ before we were born, He knows our spirits perfectly. Now, because he has realized the atonement and has suffered for every pain, affliction, temptation, and trial that we will ever face, he knows our physical selves perfectly as well. It is for this reason that we can turn to Him for ANYTHING. He knows exactly what we are feeling, and exactly what we need to feel better. Oh it is wonderful! We are meeting with Andres again tonight, and hopefully he will FOR SURE accept his baptism date of April 26th :) 

Anyway, the other exciting event of this week was the Womens Conference on Saturday! IT WAS AWESOME! I love the ¨let´s just take a moment and talk about how awesome it is to be daughters of God¨outlook. And during Sister Wixoms talk when all of the younger girls sang... Powerful. (Speaking of Sister Wixom.. her Spanish voice-over had some sort of lisp. Well.. not lisp.. it´s ¨slushy.¨Good to know I still think of my mom when I hear things like that, right? haha). 

We had clases de Ingles again in the capilla on Saturday, but this time NO ONE came. So we decided that we are going to stop having them. Ain´t nobody got time for that. Apparently, though, this was not communicated effectively because not only did the bishop announce clases de Ingles over the pulpit, but clases de Piano as well. WHAT?! He invited the entire ward to attend. So that should be interesting. 

I am SO EXCITED that tomorrow is April because 1) That means a VERY important day is a mere 22 or less days in the future and 2) People will FINALLY stop telling me that the heat is just starting. I don´t know if it will matter that the temperature is higher.. there is no possible way I can sweat any more than I already am. It is good to know that now everyone is feeling the heat, and not just the güera from the north. :) 

Today, as we were feeding our faces with Hermana Flor´s DELICIOUS food, we were talking about the comida that each state is known for. Estado de Mexico is barbacoa.. Monterray is something I´ve never heard of but I think it´s cow.. etcétera. No one knew what the food of Tabasco is. Hermana Martinez reckons it´s Pozol, which is this drink thing that is only delicious when made with chocolate milk. I thought to myself Ï mean.. it´s good.. but it´s nothing to write home about.¨And so then I wanted to write home about it cuz that´s funny. (Insert pity laugh here). 

Well.. I think that´s all I got. I mean.. you should probably know that I am going to gain 500 lbs from all the bolis and paletas de coco we eat to keep ourselves cool. Don´t worry about it! It´s FINE. 

I love you I love you I love you!!

Hermana Monser. (That is how they pronounce my name. Bless them.. they try).

Algito-- Ah Bueno-- Mah-o-Menoh

BUEnas dias a mi quierdo familia! 

I certainly hope all is well in that mini-van right now. Nathan, stop bothering Amanda. Jesse... we will get there when we get there! Brad... Brad? BRAD. WAKE UP. THIS EMAIL IS IMPORTANT. Ah bueno. Glad that everyone is now thoroughly focused on my email, cuz it is gonna be a doosey. Actually, probably not. This week was a little mah-o-meno... but I will do my very best to make it entertaining. I don´t know how on earth you all are going to make it to Spokane and not die of boredom without me...So I´ll do my best to entertain from here. :)

First of all, apparently we now have a lizard problem. Maybe they´re feeding of the ant farm that is living somewhere behind the fridge? I don´t know, but I don´t like it. Twice this week we have had to wage war against the slippery little beasts. Luckily, they are not iguanas. They are like little salamander type things. But they do NOT die easily... Also, I forgot that their tails can come off in a moment desperation. Talk about freaky...

Since I know ya´ll enjoy a good food story, here is one for your special road-trip enjoyment: I ate pumba. I didn´t know I ate him, but I did. In tamalle form. Mmmm good. (Also, Dad.. I have had 2 hermanas offer to teach me how to make tamalles. Any requests for what kind? How about wild bore and frijoles? No? Probably good call). 

To tell the truth, I have kind of forgotten what America feels like. What would it be like to have everyone speak English? Or to knock on a door? Or to drink milk from a jug? The only thing that I´m still not used to is that everyone and their dog still calls me güera. At first, it made me really angry. YES I am white. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? But then I looked it up in my dictionary, and the literal translation is ¨fair¨. That makes it sound more like they´re describing a princes, so I have decided that it´s okay. When they ask if the guerecita would like some dulces, I just smile, wave, and say ¨thank you for being here today¨in my best British voice. They look at me a little funny, but that´s what they get for making me feel like a princess.  

Speaking of accents, I am not learning Spanish. I knew from the beginning that the words they speak here are not the language that they taught me in the MTC, but there is actually a name for it! They call it Chaco. Some are worse than others, but you can definitely tell when someone is not from Tabasco. Hermana Sanchez is teaching me how to speak it. I certainly hope I can communicate with Spanish speakers from other places at the end of my mission. People will be like ¨Ma or meno? Girl, where you from?¨

The work is progressing here in my village! We have found so many part-member familys this week!! This is exciting, because it´s like a reactivation and conversion all in one go. We also have Andres, who came to church on sunday and is progressing like you would not believe, but doesn´t know that he can´t actually touch the misioneras. #awkward. He tapped my shoulder in the middle of sacrement meeting yesterday and I about had a heart attack. We´re gonna have to have a little chat with him.. 

Enrique is progressing too! Still just really frustrating because he can´t come to church. But he told us that he is going to pray and ask for the one hour of sacrament meeting off this Sunday. We are really praying for a miracle! We have also been told that if an investigator comes to Saturday AND Sunday general conference, we can count it as TWO SUNDAYS! AND THAT MEANS EVERYONE CAN GET BAPTIZED IN APRIL! Well, clearly not everyone. But definitely a lot more than we previously thought. OH I am so excited for conference!

We had English class on Saturday. Want to guess how many people showed up? Two. And one was our lider misional. I was like äwesome. This is going to be a great class.¨Actually, it was really fun. We learned the ABC song, and how to pray in English. Did you know the alphabet is different in Spanish? Cuz it is. Including the song. So weird. 

Dear Nathan: Sometimes I want to talk to you just so that we can quote movies and laugh and laugh. Apparently, I don´t know key movie phrases in Español. Like Just keep swimming? What is it? ¨Solo seguir nadando?¨ No idea. I also keep thinking about what a great missionary you are going to be in the VERY NEAR future! AHHH! hahaha no but really. And I also think you should know that now is the time to start preparing. Like, yesterday. I would recommend reading Alma 26 y 29, because they are BOMB missionary chapters. Not for teaching per-say, but for some sweet motivation power. You´s welcome

Dear Brad: I am glad Rugby is good. I am glad school is good. I am glad that Mom tells me everything about your life because apparently you NEVER HAVE TIME TO WRITE ME. Today is the day to change. Do not procrastinate the day you write your sister. It is okay. I still love you. I hope that you are being a trooper and are being obedient and are enjoying seminary. I also want you to know that every time I see a person or 5 on a moto, I think of how much you would love riding one. (We´re gonna ask President Morales if we can buy one. I think he´ll say yes, don´t you?) Love you! Hel 5:12

Dear Amanda: Mom told me that your violin concert was really good! I bet you´re going to be like a total champion by the time I get back. I see all of the 12 year old girls here, and I´m like ¨really? But you´re so old. You´re like an adult or something.¨It is weird that you are getting to be such a little lady. I can´t even handle it. Just remember that you are a daughter of God and He loves you very much! Matt 6:14-16

Dear Jesse: How ya doin, buddy? Long trip, right? Tell mom that I say it´s okay to pull over and buy some candy. My special little birthday treat for you, even though your birthday is still 3 weeks away. I think of you sometimes when I am memorizing the articles of faith, because I know pretty soon that is going to be one of your Faith in God goals! How cool! I know that you are a good friend, and that you are a good helper in our family. You are obedient, just like Nephi! 1 N 3:7

Ah bueno. Now that everyone has an algito to lift their spirits, imma head out. And by head out I mean read some more emails. Thank you so much for your prayers and your support! I can feel the power of your faith, and it helps me more than you could possibly know. 

I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser