Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, April 21, 2014

¡Cristo ha resucitado!

Querido Familia, 

Gracias for all of the wonderful letters.. well, emails. I loved them! Ya´ll know how to hit a girls heartstrings. I laughed.. I cried.. It´s just been an emotion roller coaster up in here. 

I am very glad that you all remembered my birthday. Turns out, President Morales remembered too and is planning a party that includes the entire mission. It´s probably because I am the favorite of President and Sister Morales. I am joking, of course, but there really is going to be a party on my birthday in Villa! We are having a mission-wide volleyball tournament that day. I do not know why, because we have a LOT to do this week (where we are hoping for a miracle baptism in every companionship in the mission) but I am excited! It also means that Wednesday will be our p-day, and so today is just a normal working day apart from this moment of escribiendo. :) It is really weird. And also, we don´t have any food at home... Looks like some hermanas are gonna have to hit the bakery on the way home tonight. 

Easter in Mexico is weird. The ¨Santa Semana¨ is a week of vacaciones, so hardly anyone was in town. Friday, the day that Christ was crucified, the entire town was closed. There was nothing open! Not even a doctor! and apparently there was a re-enactment type thing that happened in town. I don´t know. Then Sunday, the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, not to mention the Holy Sabbath, everything was open and people were going about their business like nothing happened. It was so weird! So backward! I wanted to just sit everyone down and have a nice long chat with them about priorities and in what order they should be placed. I guess that´s my job, though. It´s just that we sit them down one at a time...

Speaking of investigators, our lovely familia de oro is still progressing! Well, they didn´t come to church yesterday and we don´t know why, but we do know that hermana Mary--who thought she was giving the family directions to the church--was actually talking to someone that goes to church down the street. So that was awkward. Apparently we didn´t give her the right number. But we are going to have family home evening with them tonight, and we´re really excited! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation last week, and they were all so receptive! All of their little children were just sitting there listening just as intently as their parents. I could picture all of them in white standing outside of the temple for their sealing-day photos! ahhhh!!! Que emoción! :D First things first, though... #baptism.

We also have this other investigator that we met this week named Alberto. He is 76 years old, and the most precious old man I have ever seen. He has a lot of regrets about his past life, because he drank and other such things and never thought about God. He has never been baptized, and now he is really worried about his eternal salvation. The problem is, he feels he has already committed himself to his little church across the street. He feels good about the doctrine we teach, and he knows our message is the truth, but every day when we leave his pastor comes to talk to him and confuses him about everything. It is the saddest thing to see how he is being taken advantage of, when all he really wants is to find the true church of God. We are not giving up on him. But your prayers would be greatly appreciated in his behalf. :) 

I´ve been reading the New Testament these last couple of weeks, and I gotta say... Wow. There is a lot of power in reading about the life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am learning so much from His example on how to be a missionary! It says all the time that He "opened his mouth," that "he taught with power and authority," and that he "astonished the people with his doctrine." That is what we need to do! We have been CALLED. We have been set APART. We have GREAT power and GREAT authority as messengers of Christ, and we need to be ASTONISHING. What a blessing it is to be missionary at this time of hastening the Lords work! Every day hermana Martinez and I just have this moment of " The Church is True." There is just no way that it is not. We have all the knowledge of the Gospel and Doctrine of Christ that we need in order to achieve eternal exaltation. It is the greatest thing ever. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of my tag out of the corner of my eye and I just think, "This is it. This is my time to serve. This is my time to be a special witness of Christ." It is so weird to be a missionary, especially since the time is FLYING and  still have like a billion things to improve on.. but it is the coolest feeling and the biggest blessing. I don´t think it is possible to regret the decision to serve a full-time mission. 

And yes, I have seen those videos. Well, actually only one of them. "Because of Him." Powerful. Everyone should go watch it. 

Well.... Thank you again for thinking of me this week! I am sure I am the luckiest and most loved misionera in all the world! 

I love you I love you I love you! 

Hermana Moser

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