Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Algito-- Ah Bueno-- Mah-o-Menoh

BUEnas dias a mi quierdo familia! 

I certainly hope all is well in that mini-van right now. Nathan, stop bothering Amanda. Jesse... we will get there when we get there! Brad... Brad? BRAD. WAKE UP. THIS EMAIL IS IMPORTANT. Ah bueno. Glad that everyone is now thoroughly focused on my email, cuz it is gonna be a doosey. Actually, probably not. This week was a little mah-o-meno... but I will do my very best to make it entertaining. I don´t know how on earth you all are going to make it to Spokane and not die of boredom without me...So I´ll do my best to entertain from here. :)

First of all, apparently we now have a lizard problem. Maybe they´re feeding of the ant farm that is living somewhere behind the fridge? I don´t know, but I don´t like it. Twice this week we have had to wage war against the slippery little beasts. Luckily, they are not iguanas. They are like little salamander type things. But they do NOT die easily... Also, I forgot that their tails can come off in a moment desperation. Talk about freaky...

Since I know ya´ll enjoy a good food story, here is one for your special road-trip enjoyment: I ate pumba. I didn´t know I ate him, but I did. In tamalle form. Mmmm good. (Also, Dad.. I have had 2 hermanas offer to teach me how to make tamalles. Any requests for what kind? How about wild bore and frijoles? No? Probably good call). 

To tell the truth, I have kind of forgotten what America feels like. What would it be like to have everyone speak English? Or to knock on a door? Or to drink milk from a jug? The only thing that I´m still not used to is that everyone and their dog still calls me güera. At first, it made me really angry. YES I am white. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? But then I looked it up in my dictionary, and the literal translation is ¨fair¨. That makes it sound more like they´re describing a princes, so I have decided that it´s okay. When they ask if the guerecita would like some dulces, I just smile, wave, and say ¨thank you for being here today¨in my best British voice. They look at me a little funny, but that´s what they get for making me feel like a princess.  

Speaking of accents, I am not learning Spanish. I knew from the beginning that the words they speak here are not the language that they taught me in the MTC, but there is actually a name for it! They call it Chaco. Some are worse than others, but you can definitely tell when someone is not from Tabasco. Hermana Sanchez is teaching me how to speak it. I certainly hope I can communicate with Spanish speakers from other places at the end of my mission. People will be like ¨Ma or meno? Girl, where you from?¨

The work is progressing here in my village! We have found so many part-member familys this week!! This is exciting, because it´s like a reactivation and conversion all in one go. We also have Andres, who came to church on sunday and is progressing like you would not believe, but doesn´t know that he can´t actually touch the misioneras. #awkward. He tapped my shoulder in the middle of sacrement meeting yesterday and I about had a heart attack. We´re gonna have to have a little chat with him.. 

Enrique is progressing too! Still just really frustrating because he can´t come to church. But he told us that he is going to pray and ask for the one hour of sacrament meeting off this Sunday. We are really praying for a miracle! We have also been told that if an investigator comes to Saturday AND Sunday general conference, we can count it as TWO SUNDAYS! AND THAT MEANS EVERYONE CAN GET BAPTIZED IN APRIL! Well, clearly not everyone. But definitely a lot more than we previously thought. OH I am so excited for conference!

We had English class on Saturday. Want to guess how many people showed up? Two. And one was our lider misional. I was like äwesome. This is going to be a great class.¨Actually, it was really fun. We learned the ABC song, and how to pray in English. Did you know the alphabet is different in Spanish? Cuz it is. Including the song. So weird. 

Dear Nathan: Sometimes I want to talk to you just so that we can quote movies and laugh and laugh. Apparently, I don´t know key movie phrases in Español. Like Just keep swimming? What is it? ¨Solo seguir nadando?¨ No idea. I also keep thinking about what a great missionary you are going to be in the VERY NEAR future! AHHH! hahaha no but really. And I also think you should know that now is the time to start preparing. Like, yesterday. I would recommend reading Alma 26 y 29, because they are BOMB missionary chapters. Not for teaching per-say, but for some sweet motivation power. You´s welcome

Dear Brad: I am glad Rugby is good. I am glad school is good. I am glad that Mom tells me everything about your life because apparently you NEVER HAVE TIME TO WRITE ME. Today is the day to change. Do not procrastinate the day you write your sister. It is okay. I still love you. I hope that you are being a trooper and are being obedient and are enjoying seminary. I also want you to know that every time I see a person or 5 on a moto, I think of how much you would love riding one. (We´re gonna ask President Morales if we can buy one. I think he´ll say yes, don´t you?) Love you! Hel 5:12

Dear Amanda: Mom told me that your violin concert was really good! I bet you´re going to be like a total champion by the time I get back. I see all of the 12 year old girls here, and I´m like ¨really? But you´re so old. You´re like an adult or something.¨It is weird that you are getting to be such a little lady. I can´t even handle it. Just remember that you are a daughter of God and He loves you very much! Matt 6:14-16

Dear Jesse: How ya doin, buddy? Long trip, right? Tell mom that I say it´s okay to pull over and buy some candy. My special little birthday treat for you, even though your birthday is still 3 weeks away. I think of you sometimes when I am memorizing the articles of faith, because I know pretty soon that is going to be one of your Faith in God goals! How cool! I know that you are a good friend, and that you are a good helper in our family. You are obedient, just like Nephi! 1 N 3:7

Ah bueno. Now that everyone has an algito to lift their spirits, imma head out. And by head out I mean read some more emails. Thank you so much for your prayers and your support! I can feel the power of your faith, and it helps me more than you could possibly know. 

I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser

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