Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

(Insert clever St. Patrick´s Day title here)

More pictures from March 8th baptism:

This is what the activity on March 8th looked like at 5 p.m.... which was when we said it started...


First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!  Weird that I wasn´t around to help you eat your pie, but I´m sure glad it was a good day. I heard some good things about that ward conference. :) As a present to you, I want you to go look in your wallet. See the $5 I left in there? No? Well.. maybe it was a $20? I don´t remember. Maybe I left it with mom. Go ask her.... Got your cash? Ah bueno. Now go treat yourself to an arctic circle shake and think about the good ole daddy-daughter dates we used to have. Try not to cry. I love you!!!

Sounds like my family is just the most cultured around! My goodness gracious, people! I loved all the photos, though. It freaked me out to see Aunt Becky as a nun. Sometimes I pass real nuns on the street. It´s a little awkward. And NATHAN! You make quiet the handsome tin man. Very tinny. So good job. Hope you are loving every second of it. 

This week was fine. Not the best, but not the worst either.
We have a TON of investigators. Hermana Martinez says she has never had this many in her whole life. And by that I mean her whole mission. However, currently none of them are progressing. Do you know why? Because they have to come to church in order to be considered progressing. It is the saddest thing when nobody comes to church. Especially when they all told us that they were going to come.. and then suddenly they have to work, or their family is in town, or they went to Villa... There is one young man that we have been especially excited about. His name is Enrique and he is 17 and he is AWESOME. Seriously. And he has prayed about baptism, and he has received an answer, but we cannot set a date because he cannot come to church. He´s going to school still, and with that comes 5 hours daily of community service. Plus class and homework. And Saturdays and Sundays he works with his sister, and I think this job helps support his family. It is the worst job ever, because on Sunday he works from 7-1. Do you know when church ends? 1. And so we have some work to do with him in order to find a solution. 

I also experienced my first.. erm... Lesson with contention? We went to visit some family members of Tristan this week, and his aunt did not actually agree with the things we were sharing about how the Holy Ghost works with us. It was very uncomfortable, and there was a time that the Spirit was not actually present in the lesson. But Tristan´s mom bore her testimony, and so did we, and it actually turned into something quite powerful. I don´t think this specific aunt felt it, but her sister-in-law did, and we are going back this week to teach her and her husband. (The husband is the brother of another investigator. EVERYONE here is related somehow). Tristan´s dad was working while we were there, but I can tell that his heart is softening. Ohhhhhhhh this family is gonna make it to the water! 

What else happened this week... OH! Today was transfer day, but don´t you worry your pretty little heads. I´m not going anywhere. But Hermana Cuevas is leaving us! She´s going to be in Mina with Hermana Hilton! Hermana Wood is pretty upset, but she´s a warrior and so I know she´ll be fine. I think Hermana Wood and I will be together for the entirety of our missions! 

I read a scripture in El Libro de Mormón this week that hit me a little harder than it has before. It´s in 2 Nefi 31.... Änd I just realized that I only have a Spanish Book of Mormon. So it´s something like "Änd after you have entered into this straight and narrow path (baptism), I would ask if you have done all? Behold, I say unto you NO." Baptism is just the first step. There is still SO MUCH for us to learn and do and become in order to return to live with our Father again. But when we do the things that the Lord has prepared for us, we can continue onward with ä perfect brightness of hope¨in Christ. How blessed we are!

I have no exciting food stories or anything from this week. What am I saying?! We ate pejilagarto (pardon my spelling) with habanero this weekend. It was delicious. That´s right.. I´m pretty much Mexican by now. 


Also, side-note for pappy: You would be proud of the amount of onions I eat now. I think of you every time. They are delicious, but what I´m really thinking is ¨Does this count as a serving of vegetables?¨ Because we don´t actually eat a lot of those here. 

Shout out to BFF Makenda Bickmore for completing another year of life! Love you!

I love you I love you I love you!!

Love, Hermana Moser

That spider was living and chased me down the street after that photo was taken. Scariest moment of my life.

 BBQ-ing... Mexican style. Hermano Valencia didn´t even need tongs. Just turned those babies over with his hand.

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