Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, March 3, 2014


February 24, 2014
Well, my dear family... I have some news. It might come as a shock to you, so if you are not currently sitting please take the time to do so now. Are you ready? No? It´s fine. I´ll wait. ... Okay. This news is called ¨We Had Random Transfers and Now Hermana Morales is No Longer With Me.¨ Yep. You heard right. I have been separated from my mission mama and it is the saddest thing in the whole world.
We thought we were safe because we made it through the last cambios, and I still have a few weeks left of training. Also, I have been reaally careful to not pray for anything to change, even though I have been feeling like I am relying more on my companion than the Spirit and that is not actually beneficial. WELL, as it turns out, God heard my un-uttered prayers and just switched everything all around. There we were, waiting for a ponchi like a couple of regular joes, when the President called. 9 o´clock the next morning we were in Villahermosa with our new companions. (Hermana Morales has been called to train another Americana that arrived unexpectedly last week). So I learned some lessons from this experience. 1) God is in charge of His work, and He knows who needs to be in what area for exactly what amount of time. 2) My mission president is really in tune with the Spirit. 3) Heavenly Father is going to give me the challenges that will help me grow when He knows I am ready for them. 

 My new compaƱera, ¨Hermana Martinez, is nice, though. She´s going to push me in this Spanish thing.. but I guess that´s good. And I haven´t had an emotional breakdown or anything with her yet so... Esta bien. 

Yesterday was ward conference. It was the longest ward conference ever, but I think that´s because I was expecting sacrament meeting to still be one hour and it was two. Is that normal? I feel like ward conference is usually like a normal Sunday... Anyways, the theme was La Obra de SalvaciĆ³n, and it was really good. All of the talks were really powerful and motivating, and they had some recent converts bear their testimonies. I played for the choir (Oh... the choir. Bless their hearts) and for the congregation as well. Guess those piano lessons are being put to good use, eh ma? :)

Speaking of being put to good use... we´re going to have classes in English starting this saturday. At least, that was the plan with hermana Morales. Now she´s gone and so I have to know things and where people live and what´s going on and it´s awesome... and so I haven´t a clue if it will really happen or not. BUT if it does end up happening, it will be a real good finding opportunity and I am excited!

The heat has definitely begun here in Tobasco. People still say it is going to get worse, but at least everyone else is now sweating as much as I am. Makes me feel a little better about things when we´re all glistening and it´s not just me. It also hasn´t rained for like 3 weeks. 

We have a baptism CONFIRMED for the 8th of March. His name is Tristan, and he is the son of a menos activo that has recently returned. He is 9 years of age, and is really intelligent. He is also really excited to get baptized. We told him we would get him a white shirt and tie for his baptism and he got SO excited. hahaha He is precious :) 

There´s been a lot of progression here in the area, but there is still a lack of church attendance due to work. We are also losing a lot of investigators because either their spouse won´t let them listen to us, or their parents won´t give them permission to be baptized. I think that´s probably the worst experience, Mom. When a young person is progressing and is excited about the gospel, and their parents won´t let them get baptized. It´s heartbreaking. 

As for your other questions: We go to Villahermosa ALL THE TIME. I do not like it. It takes way to much time. But with the cambios last week, and the multi-zone conference this week (with the area authority!) I think I will have gone to Villa every week of February. Too much, I say! TOO MUCH. haha. We do our shopping in chain stores in Mexico. Kind of like Ridleys or Price Chopper or something like that. Things are usually dusty, and the toilet paper section is ALWAYS a mess. Like, none of the toilet paper is on the shelves... it´s all on the floor. I don´t know how that happens. It was kind of shocking at first, but now I don´t even remember what the stores of my past life looked like. ALSO I do not get Heathers emails. Feel free to pass those right along :) 

Wellllll.... That´s all, folks. Break a leg with opening night this weekend! How exciting. I am SO PUMPED for the photos!!! How about the next Juanito Bandito in Blackfoot can be summer 2015? Sound good to everybody? Great. Me too. Also that trip to Hawaii. Definitely needs to be 2015. With all grandchildren over 20. Alright. I´m done. 

I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of Christ restored again on the Earth. Only here can you find the authority and power of God unto salvation. I know that when we keep the commandments, we are blessed in ALL things. (Mosiah 2:41). What a glorious responsibility we have to share this gospel with others!!! IT¨S AWESOME.

I love you I love you I love you!!

Hermana Moser

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