Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



The most exciting news of this week, obviously, is the baptism of the one and only TRISTAN! He was just precious. He was really nervous before the ordinance, but afterwards he was just a beaming little fellow! His father DID come, and it was a miracle. Wait. Let me back up. 

We also had a "play" that day that started at "5 pm" about the work of salvation. It was really good, and it in reality started at 5:45. Afterwards we took pictures and got our boys all dressed to be baptized and such before the baptismal program started. The opening song was sung... no Dad. Talk on baptism....sin Father. Talk on the Holy Ghost....tampoco no papa. We were starting to get worried! But then, right as Tristan was walking through the door to head to the font, his Dad walked right through those doors! Apparently he had been waiting for a taxi for a thousand years (they live really far away) and it was literally a miracle that the taxi came when it did. SOMEONE was supposed to see this baptism.. and it was him. (It certainly wasn´t me. I couldn´t see a blessed thing because of all the children crowding the front of the room). LA IGLESIA ES VERDADERA! 


We also got several references from his family members that now would like to learn more about the church. Unfortunately, they also live 1000 miles away. And since yesterday we got ourselves a new ward mission leader that doesn't have a car... we are up a crick. Hopefully Hermano Miguel will still be willing to accompany us sometimes. :) 

The baptism went great! (see above)
Tristan´s Dad did indeed show up! (also see above)
I did not play the piano at the baptism. I do, however, play every week in sacrament meeting. It´s hilarious. It is a real, up-right piano, much like the one we have at home. 
Exactly zero people in the ward can play the piano. 
I have no idea how old Elder Valezuela is. I assume 50s? 60s? 
I have dreams that I can speak Spanish perfectly, but i don{t think that actually is the same thing as dreaming in Spanish. I definitely have a long way to go.. so don´t go thinking that your daughter is currently fluent. I understand just about everything, but the speaking is....maush.

We also had a zone conference this week in las Rosas. Do you know who also came to the zone class? PRESIDENT MORALES! That is who. And he walked right in on our practice lesson. It was terrifying, except for he is SO cool and so it was fine. We learned a lot from him. Clearly. He is awesome. He drove the four of us home because he brought us new, un-grafitied tables and chairs (YAY!) and we couldn´t actually get those on the bus. He is a driver like any other Mexican I have ridden with, and we will leave it at that. :) 
 When we got here, he interviewed us one by one right there in our apartment. Obviously, I got all teary and he asked me what I was thinking about. I told him that I was thinking about the changes that we had, and then told him my side of it. He then told me that while they were pondering who to put with the new Americans, his assistants advised against splitting Hermana Morales and I up. President agreed, but the next day he just had a strong feeling that she was the one that needed to go. So he followed his prompting, and now here we are. What a blessing it is that we can live to be worthy of such revelation and heavenly inspiration! LA IGLESIA ES VERDADERA! 

I got some letters (shout out to my bff Makenda Bickmore... Love ya gurrl) and some dear elders. Jesse: it is fine that you broke my laptop. Don´t even worry about it. Amanda: Thank you for the details on the cat poop sifter. I think my neighbor might need one of those for her fifty cats. Mom: Here are some answers to the questions asked....

It rains all the time in Mexico. Though apparently not in the coming months.

The fashion in Mexico is just like it is in America. Although in the town I am in, it's kind of like a throw-back to the 90s. There´s a lot of hair-bows and scrunchies happening. Also hair-gel, overalls, and a general lack of standard style. You can pretty much wear (or not wear) whatever you want. 

There is no Wal-mart in my city. Only in Villa.
We get Liahona´s, and they are in Spanish and English.
I know nothing of the outside world.
They have peanut butter, but nobody likes it except for me. They drink some kind of juice with every meal.
I don't remember the last time I had homemade bread. :(

I hope I sufficiently answered all the questions. I love you all and I am so grateful for your righteous examples in my life!! 


Love, hermana Moser

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