Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


August 4, 2014
Dearest family,

I have this problem called "I have no idea what to say in this email right now." And thus: I apologize if it is lame, boring, or another adjective that I can´t currently think of in my native tongue.

OH! Hey, that just gave me a story to tell you. Boy oh boy, are you going to laugh. Ready? This week we were eating with the lovely familia. Love them. Their food is always really good, but the setting is 100% sketchy. I am not joking. They sell tacos in the night, and they prepare in the morning. SO MUCH MEAT is being chopped on this one wooden table with all these flies and other body parts of the pig... Sometimes I feel nauseous. This last week, bless them, they were peeling the meat off of a PIG HEAD. THE WHOLE HEAD OF A PIG. Eye balls, brain, cheek... you name it. Even the tongue. Gross. It was then that I told them that I had never eaten tongue... just part of a "taco de lenguaje." Do you know what "lenguaje" means? It means language. "Lengua" means tongue. It was an honest mistake that anyone could have made, but OH how the spanish-speakers laughed. 

Last week in zone conference we learned how to teach members and ask for references by actually doing a practice with members right there in the conference. We invited dear old Gustavo, who has been a member since March. Great guy. In the lesson, we were practicing how to invite the member to pray right there with us about who they know that is ready to receive the gospel of Christ. (PRAYER is the most powerful tool we have. I have never been more convinced of this in all of my days). He gave us 5 names, but none of them live in our area and he didn´t have the exact address for a single one of them. So that was a little disappointing, but it´s fine. THEN that afternoon as we were making the 1000 mile trek back from Cura Hueso, we saw him crossing the street. He asked if we wanted to come in for a drink of water and we said no because 1) he is a single man and that is against the rules and 2) he had a giant coke in his hands and that is also against the rules. Then he said, "It´s cuz I want to present you to my mom." YES WE CAN COME IN FOR A DRINK!. And so then we entered, met his mother who we are now teaching, and drank us some gaterade. I LOVE MEMBER REFERALS!!

The member that the other companionship invited to the conference gave them 2 references that are in our area! So he came with us on Friday and we went and found all of them. There is serious potential for baptism, and we are very excited!!! It was also a giant bonus because we got more lessons with members the last week than we have had in my whole time in Deportiva. QUE bendici√≥n! Members are so important. If the members aren´t involved, nothing happens. Missionaries can work and work and work and work until they are sunburned and cramping and nothing will come of it if the investigadores don´t feel the love and support of the people they will be around for forever after their baptism. Hey family: When was the last time you went out with the missionaries? 

I am so glad that you all had the time of your life at the reunion!! Love the pictures, and I am sure I will love the music video even more! (I asked permission.. don´t worry. And it doesn´t open to youtube.. so we is good). 

Thank you for your love and support and prayers! It means the WORLD to have a family that is so loving and supportive and wonderful. I count my many blessings every day. 

I love you I love you I love you!!

MUUUCHO amor, 

Hermana Monser

p.s.  What do you think of me extending?

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