Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Week of Forgotten Food

May 26, 2014


You sound like the busiest people in the world. Well, that´s probably not true... but after the relaxing p-day I am having, it sure sounds like ya got a lot going on. How great are the last weeks of school, right? 

This week was not super interesting. The most excitement we had daily was that our food forgot us almost every day. It is a great feeling to walk a billion miles expecting some delightful Mexican treats (The food is way less sketchy here) ... (except at one house...) only to find that they are not there, and now you have to walk another thousand miles across town to the RS presidents house so she can feed you. Actually, we only went to her house once. She fed us all kinds of shrimp and it was DELICIOUS, but we think that maybe Hermana Lopez is allergic to shrimp. Don´t worry. She is fine. The other time we just went to Subway. Apparently the food forgetting about us is a common occurrence. 

We also had interviews with the President last week. I just love him! And his wife! They just make me feel so loved! President Morales gave me some really good advice on how to invite people to be baptized in the first lesson. Most of it centered on being a love-focused missionary. When love is the motive you cannot go wrong. He counseled me to be more open with my feelings towards the members and the people we are teaching. He said, "Don´t worry about trying not to cry, because if you are worried about that you will hinder the Spirit." I thought, "Well, that´s unfortunate. Because I have actually been really proud of my tear-control lately." So... here it goes. Hope I don´t freak out my companion with the flood that is sure to follow. 

Just in case you were wondering about my spelling-slash-grammar problems, I think you should know that I am starting to forget English. Not a lot.. so don´t start clapping(Mom) too soon. It´s just... Por ejemplo: The other day Hermana Weaver was telling me a story about laundry. She said something about the "Laundry washer," paused, and then started laughing at herself because that is not actually what you call it. What was REALLY sad is that I didn´t even correct her. I was just nodding like, "yeah! Laundry washer.. that´s right!" hahahaha Ohh we got a good laugh out of that. Then I wrote it down on my memory calendar, but I put laundry machine--which would be correct-- instead of laundry washer. So that´s embarrassing. Also, I hope you thought that was funny because if you didn´t....awkward. 

Que mas.. que mas... We are going to have a baptism this weekend! That is.. if they pass their interview tonight. (last night during the pre-interview, we asked the Mom what the word of wisdom meant, and she told us that it meant someone that has a lot of wisdom.. hahaha. Don´t worry. We cleared that confusion right up). It is not Ericka, nor is it Raul, but it is a Mother and Daughter named Matilde y Leudy that are so precious! I love them so much! They are the most caring and generous people I have met on my mission. Hna. Lopez and I think she is going to be the next RS president. :) 

Well.. I got 10 minutes left to figure out this computers picture system. I apologize in advance if I can´t figure it out. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPS!!!!! Thank you for being the BEST Grandpa, and for your righteous example to all of your many grandchildren. I love you so much!!! 

I love you I love you I love you!!

Hermana Monser :)
Birthday, April 23, 2014

Hotdogs!!  Birthday cake!


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