Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My dear, beloved family,
I can´t even comment on anything else because I am SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK!

Remember Ericka? And also remember how she fell off of the face of the earth for about two weeks? We had called, texted, and dropped by her house....nada. So we finally just decided to give it a rest and when she is ready she will call blah blah blah. THEN we were done with visits in on colonia and decided to go to another. As we were walking up the hill, this vehicle with a strange man pulled up next to us with his window rolled down. We were like "waaaahh?" and then Ericka´s precious little head poked around and said hello! They had followed us into the colonia because she wanted to apologize for not being in town all last week! (The man was her husband, who is also a walking piece of gold). She said that she missed us and needed to have another lesson and asked when we could come. Obviously, we played it cool and set an appointment for Saturday night. However, when they drove away we started jumping and squealing and IT WAS A MIRACLE!!! So, Ericka is back. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for your prayers in her behalf. :)

There is also another investigator named Raul that has been in the missionary picture for a couple of years. He´s gotten married and everything in order to be baptized, but he hasn´t been able to stop smoking. I think he´s gotten pretty discouraged, and so he stopped going to church for a while. He is also really into making deals with the American missionaries. Por ejemplo: If I can perfect the "rr", he will only smoke one cigarette a day. He likes the type of teasing banter that I can definitely handle. Sometimes I feel like I´m talking to Jace :) haha Anyway...long story short, he and his wife and son came to church yesterday! Almost didn´t recognized him all cleaned up with his hair slicked back, but there he was--coke in hand. We are certain that he is going to be baptized soon!
Spanish is definitely better. I feel like I have bits of my old personality back, but sometimes normal conversation is still a little awkward. But... awkward was definitely a feature of my old personality. haha. It is AMAZING to see how far I have come in a short 6 months. Sometimes my mouth opens and all of these things come out and the people seem to understand me and I just think "Woah. That was not me." It is SO COOL to be a missionary!! To be the tool that the Lord uses to help his children return to Him! There is seriously nothing like it. 
CONGRATULATIONS to Todd and Chase!! AHH! I kind of forgot how old they are. It´s freaking me out that time is moving without me back home. Anyways....Study hard, brethren!! I don´t have a doubt that you´ll both be excellent missionaries!
I love you I love you I love you!!!

Hermana Moser

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