Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


What is up, my dearest family of mine?
My mom told me that I have to write before I read anything else, and so that is why am apologizing up front if I neglect to answer any questions or mention anything else that might be super important.

Villhermosa is ONE HUNDRED percent different than Frontera. First of all, there´s a Walmart. I don´t care how "anti-walmart" you are... Just try going without it for 6 months. It was like walking right back into Blackfoot. Actually...the Wal-mart here is way nicer than the one back home. There´s also like a giant mall right next door... Pizza hut... Mcdonalds... everyone has a car...There are traffic signs and people follow them... Basically I feel like I´ve come back to the 21st century. We travel by foot, unless we are super late for something and then we take a combi. And if there are no combi´s we take a taxi although they are WAY more expensive in the big city and it is ridiculous.

We live in the house that I slept in our first night in the mission! Remember? The one where we broke everything? Yup. The very one. It is SO much nicer now that hermanas live there instead of elders, but now I know why we broke everything. The one toilet tank has to be readjusted every time you flush,otherwise the water will keep comin on down. Also, if the water stops while you are in the shower you have to yell for someone to turn on the "bomba" (pump) so that you can keep showering in peace. I think the elder that showed us to the house that first night might have shown us all of the tricks to the house... but he was speaking Spanish so... #problem.

People do not speak the same, either. I can understand everything so much easier here, but I think it´s because most people moved here from somewhere else. If they are home-grown choco it´s still a bit of a challenge.
And now I will tell you a story that will knock your socks right off, because that´s what it did for us when we lived it:
     About a week ago, Hna Lopez and her old companion were stopped on the side of the road by this wonderful lady that asked who they were, what they were doing, and if they could come to her house to teach her more. I mean... HELLO. What?! That doesn´t just happen. But it did. And then the changes happened and I came along, and so I got to be there for the first lesson. Erika lives in the NICEST community I have ever seen in all of my days. We think that some seriously famous people secretly live there, because wow. The houses are huge and beautiful, and we didn´t even mind that we got lost because it was so fun to look at all the houses.
     We finally found hers, and her maid let us in. I did not even want to sit down because her living room was so perfect. It looks like a magazine. Erika came in apologizing for being late, and asking if she needed to get her bible, and what about her markers for marking scriptures that she likes,and would we like some water, etc. She is precious. We sang "Soy un Hijo de Dios" (I am a Child of God) with her, and at the end she was crying. She told us that she had always felt like she was a daughter of God, but here in her hands (himnario or hymn book) she had the affirmation that it was true. So we talked to her a little bit more and she told us about some of the challenges that she´s had in her life. We showed her Ether 12 and talked about faith, and she just looked at me and said, "Where can I get this book? Do you sell it?" And I said, " Hermana. I have one right here in my bag that is for you, free of charge." She started crying again, and it was the best feeling ever to watch someone that knew nothing about the Restoration feel so strongly about receiving more of the word of God. She was so excited to receive more direction for her life!
     Two days later we returned and taught about the Restoration. She had done her homework, had a ton of questions, and was really receptive to everything we said. long story short, she told us that if she receives a witness like we have she will be baptized at the end of the month!!! WHAAAAT?! She is perfect.  Two days later that appointment fell on Saturday night. Hence: we were fasting. We walked in to find two plates of perfectly placed muffins right in front of where we were to sit. Awwkwaard. So we just thanked her sweetly and ignored the muffins while we taught her. Don´t you worry, we took some home with us. Along with a big ole tub of fruit salad that she made for us because she was worried we wouldn´t have time to make anything on Sunday morning. I am NOT joking you, she is wonderful. So please pray for her. :)
Other than the amazing people that I am meeting... nothing much is new. :) hahaha Just kidding. My whole life has changed except my wardrobe. OH! BUT MY BIRTHDAY PACKAGE CAME!!!! And so actually now I do have a new outfit. Thank you thank you thank you for all of it!!!! I love all of you so much! I love going through packages and realizing how well ya´ll know me. It´s a real good feeling. :)  

FELICIDADES TO JESSE!!!!!! For making his first covenant with Heavenly Father! How exciting! I thought about you a lot on Saturday! I hope it was a really special day,and I hope you wrote all about it in your journal. :) 

And well.. I think that´s all. The plan is for me to call home at 6 local time.. which is I think 5 Mountain standard time.. on Sunday night. So be ready! And also close to your email...cuz I think I might have forgotten my skype account again...

I love you I love you I love you!!!
Love, Hermana Moser

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