Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, June 30, 2014

Una carta de su misionera mexicana

 June 23, 2014
Buenas buenas buenas a mi querida familia!
This week has been mentally exhausting. We have taught so many people, and have found so many people that want to listen, but it has been really hard work.
We went to a zone conference so that Hermana Ayala could talk about how to contact people effectively, and then we stayed for the whole thing. We learned in the practices how to teach the first vision, the book of mormon, and receiving an answer through the spirit. It was AWESOME, and we were so inspired to go out and start teaching. We visited a new investigator named Marta that afternoon. Marta is beyond willing to listen to what we have to say, and is completely receptive to everything... but she is Catolica. She has been studying with a Testigo de Jeovah for over a year, and tells us that she only wants to listen so that she can learn more about the Bible and things like that. That is fine! We will teach her about the Bible.. and also about the Restauracion del Evangelio de Jesucristo. So we taught her the restauration, and the Spirit was so strong. We applied everything that we had learned in the conference. We explained things, we used the scriptures, we used our new whiteboard, and we testified with everything we had in us. At the end she said, "Wow. That is great. I believe everything you have said. I believe your church is true. But I also believe my church is true and that all churches lead us to the same God." I wanted to cry. We do not know what more we need to do to explain the need for priesthood authority, but believe me... we are studying real hard to be able to help people understand. We will also be visiting her again.
And priesthood authority.. that´s another thing. The nephew of a menos acitva that I adore was there at her house the other day. He is studying to be a preacher or something at another church, and he is always excited to chat with us. We were talking about hte book of Mormon, and that led into a discussion on el sacerdocio. He believes that because God created man in His own image, and gave Adam the priesthood, that all the sons of adam automatically it. He doesn´t believe in the laying on of hands. It was just thing after things after thing, and he wouldn´t even let us really talk. He treated us like little girls that are trying their best, bless them, but that don´t really know what they are talking about. So that was a frustrating afternoon.
Contrast that with dear, precious hermano Pedro. He is the sweetest man! He is only 53, but he looks a lot older because of his ilness. He´s a good sport about it though. He makes jokes about it all the time. We gave him a Book of Mormon the other day, and asked him to read and pray about 2 Nefi 31. When we returned the next afternoon and asked him how it went, he told us that he felt "alegria en mi corazon." He and his brother in law, Ignacio, came to a FHE that we had at Matilde y Leudy´s house where we talked about the repentance process and the atonement of Christ, and he also came with us to a baptism saturday night. We are praying really hard for him so that he will remain interested and that he will continue to accept the doctrine of the restored gospel. He is so ready! It´s amazing to see how the Lord has prepared people!
Speaking of Matilde.. We ate at her house yesterday. Do you want to know what we ate? Rabbit. Dad will be so proud. I did NOT know that it was rabbit. Poor little thing... It tasted real good.
The cabin looks great! I love the door! And also.. I still don´t have my new debit card. And so after the month of July it won´t matter if you put money on my card...
And also can I get more information on the exchange student? I care more about my new brother than about my room, to tell you the truth. DON¨T throw any of my crap away, porfa. I will do the chucking when I get back :) I can already tell it will be a chuch-fest, but I still enjoy going through old stuff like that :)
I love you I love you I love you!
Que esten bién (especially those running ragnar)
Con amor,
Hermana Moser

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