Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Friday, May 8, 2015

I don´t know about you... but I´m feeling TWENTY TWO!!

April 27, 2015
Wow.. I feel like I haven´t even written you people since I was a least 21 years old! MAN how times does fly, doesn´t it? hahaha.... Kidding. In case you didn´t know, I am now 22 years of age, which is a lot. It is super weird. I still hadn´t really come to terms with being 21. Guess that´s life, eh?
 My people treated me really well on Thursday. My companion made me french toast because she loves me, and also decorated my wall with a "Feliz cumpleaños." It is hilarious because the s keeps falling off. Guess even our wall decorations want to be choco. haha. "Feliz cumpleaño a todo" hahaha Goood times. Then at night, we had a meeting with the bishop and his counselors to resolve a pequeño problema que tenemos... and then it was over and we only had like 15 minutes to get home and so when all the hermanos left... we did too. When the bishop saw us all he said was "Why did you leave the room? Go back to the room." So we went back to the room and just sat there awkwardly until ...

...the door opened and a bunch of members came in singing happy birthday and carrying a cake. hahaha They are the best. We had to do the traditional cake face smashing and cutting really fast, though, because the misioneras had to go! Good thing ward members have cars and are willing to drive us home. :) Other than that it was a pretty normal day. We have found and taught a lot of really awesome people, and it has been hard to decided who we need to focus on.

Feeling 22 and loved.
Traditional birthday cake face plant.
Trying to share some frosting "love" with Hermana Knowles

We have this really super awesome investigador named Jose. He is AWESOME and he is so ready to be baptized he just hasn´t realized it yet. Sometimes he gets frustrated with us for talking about it so much, but what else are we supposed to do, ya know? Last week we went to see him, and he said that he has increased his faith, and that he has repented "a little bit" and that he really has seen a change in himself. So we decided, after much talking, probably too much talking, to say a prayer. The only one that really knows of Jose needs to be baptized is his Heavenly Father. It was a really sweet prayer. And afterwords he just sat there and looked at the ground (we were outside sitting under a tree because it is HOT). We sat there for about 5 minutes, until one of us finally asked what he had felt. And he told us that he couldn´t concentrate because the chickens were making too much noise. Sigh. This week we are going back to see him again. Don´t worry, he will come around someday. 
 Sorry that you were all so confused by the Zapata thing... It WAS pretty confusing for all of us. They (the president and the office elders) were bringing to pass some sweet special conferences that required some heavy duty divisiones. Sometimes the president went out with missionaries, and sometimes Hermana Morales, and the office elders... but there are no hermanas in the offices, so they called the liders capacitadoras to help out I guess. But they gave us NO notice. So I went for 24 hours to my old area to help out. That is all. It was pretty great.

Hey good job Naflin in nationals!! Can´t wait to hear all about it!
I love you I love you I love you!!!
Hermana Moser

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