Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, October 6, 2014

Fair Week is NOT FUN in Mexico


Guess what! The fair is in town! And it is RUINING OUR LIVES. haha.. I am joking. But also kind of not, because everyone is always there and not in their houses where they should be. It has made teaching become a bit of a joke. Either they are not there, or they are about to leave. Or they are there and just completely drunk. The past three days have been a lot of "Are you KIDDING me?!" But don`t you worry about it. We are strong and we have faith.. and after that conference we are UNSTOPPABLE.

Seriously, though. Wasn`t conference the best thing ever? I LOVE CONFERENCE! It is better than any holiday in the mission. The entire time I sat there I just kept thinking, "This is so true. This is SO TRUE!!! IT is not even a little bit not true!" It was the best to just be able to sit there and listen to people that know the doctrine. They know it and they live it and they can cite and defend it. Sometimes I just want Elder Holland to be my mission companion, ya know? 

I especially loved Elder Ballard's talk. STAY IN THE BOAT. It is not hard to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. What is hard is to get over the laziness.. o sea, the natural man...that is so inherent in each one of us. It requires effort to stay in the boat, keep your life jacket on, and hold on with both hands. (2 Nefi 25:23) But as a missionary, you see who the people are that make the effort, and what a true and lasting change it brings to their lives. It is so important to do the small things!!! It is the only way that any of us will ever obtain a real and lasting testimony of the truth. 

There is also a scripture in 2 nefi 26 that I LOVE and that reminds me of conference. It says, "He doesn`t do anything unless that it be for the benefit of the world. Because he loves the world, so that he gave his own life to bring all men unto him.." As we walked around yesterday...  and walked... and walked... (because again.. LITERaLLY no one was home).. we just kept talking about how awesome it was to have the prophet of God speak to us. Everything that was said was 100% true and was ONLY for our benefit. Over and over they said we need to repent, we need to pray, we need to follow the prophet, we need to love. IT IS SO COOL! IT IS SO TRUE!!! AND I CANNOT express my thoughts sufficiently via email. I can`t wait to see you at Christmas so that I can semi-expresarme in person! 

Well. I think that`s probably it. I am serious, nothing really happened this week. 

OH wait! I forgot something I have been wanting to tell Dad: I have eaten catfish. Twice. And you are right.. those things are freaky. The skin does not cut like normal fish skin. It tastes alright.. but it gives me the shudders. 

I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser

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