Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, October 20, 2014


October 15, 2014
Hey fam!

I apologize for the yelling. It´s just, well, we have had ourselves some cambios, and DESPITE the shameless hints we have been putting in our emails to the president about how much we wanted to stay together....Hermana Pasley and I have been separated. It. Is. Devastating. 

But that is not actually the reason that I was yelling like that. No, that would be from the part that came next. Says the lider capacitadora: "Es que.. Hermana Moser va a entrenar." 

I´m sorry... What?

Yep. This girl is about to become a trainer, which is a good joke because suddenly I feel like I got here yesterday and that I am the one that needs a trainer. 

So I am super nervous but it is awesome because I get to hang out here in DEPORTIVA! until tomorrow when we have the special devotional where we meet our new companions. It is really weird to be here again, but I am super excited because we are about to have a noche de hogar en la capilla and I am hoping that Matilde and Nancy and Leudy will be there! 

Wow. All that excitement about cambios has literally pushed from my brain everything else that happened this week. I am serious. I am here trying and I cannot focus. I sincerely apologize for the lameness of this email. 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. It was awesome, because on Saturday they had a recent convert famiy go to the temple to get sealed. They were so precious as the went up to bear their testimonies. One of their kids, who is probably 6, could not see over the stand even with the little stool thing! He was the cutest. I especially liked something that the hermana said. She was talking about how everyone asks here why there are no crosses or images of stuff on our churches. She talked about how we do not have the crosses because we believe in a LIVING Christ. So what would be our symbol that proves our status as Christians? "..The pure love of a living Christ that we can share with those around us." It really struck a cord with me. Charity is literally the thing that sets us apart. We just need to all be a little bit better about it. 

Well.. I know that a lot of awesome things happened this week... I just cannot remember them. Please remember me and my poor little companion in your prayers this week. We are going to need them even more than before. 

I love you I love you I love you

Hermana Moser

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