Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, September 15, 2014

VIVA MÉXICO!!!! *cue mexican laugh*

Mí quierdo familia,

This week was wonderful! We had the baptism of Chikis, who turned 8 on sunday and was SO excited to be baptized he just couldn´t wait until Saturday. So we woke up before the crack of dawn so that he could be baptized and confirmed the same day. He was the most precious little child ever. We went to pick him and his mom up, and he was just standing at the bottom of the hill in his little white shirt and suit with a HUGE grin on his face. And then when he entered the water he just could not stop smiling! HE was the cutest! He reminds me SO Much of Jesse. I am not joking. Just picture a little Mexican Jesse, and there you have Chikis. (His real name is José Miguel, just by the way. All the kids in this familiy have fun nicknames. Poncho is the next on the list to get baptized :)) 

We also went with Gloria this week to check on her papers so that she can get married on Friday, buuuttt she is from Chiapas, and apparently she has to go to there to get her papel de solteria. (something that says she is not already married). This is silly, because she has been with the same guy for a long time, she is only 23, and they have triplets... but rules are rules. The only problem is that the offices won´t open again until wednesday, because today and tomorrow they are celebrating independence day, mexican style, and so all the official places are closed. We still have faith that it will all work out! 

Alright Mom, it´s FINE. I´ll tell you the story! 

Once upon a time we went to Palenque for zone conference. Except for we didn´t actually make it to the zone conference because we got stopped at the border by the immigration police. When they saw that it was full of Americanas, they asked for our visas. Pues, President Morales had forgotten to give me my real visa when I left Villahermosa, and all I had was a copy of the original. The immigration guy was really nice, and was going to let it go with a warning, but his boss-lady was like, "NO! TIENE QUE TENER SUS PAPELES! BAJALA! BAJALA!" So me bajé. But all of the other missionaries got off with me, because HELLO we are missionaries and we are all in this together. (*cue dance routine*). This made the lady even more upset. So she sent me to the prison van with the other foreigners that didn´t have papers. 

Meanwhile, my companion is freaking out, and all of them are fighting with the lady to just let me leave.. They´re calling the presidente.. Er´rything. None of them could come with me because they all had their papers. So lame. But then Hermana Cabrera, who hadn´t been asked for her papers because she looks Mexican, spoke up and said, "Pues, I´m from Peru and I don´t have my papers either.. So I have to go with her." She is a hero and I have NEVER been more relieved in my whole life than when I saw her board the van.

We actually had a great day. We sang hymns to the other inmates, placed a book of mormon and some pamphlets, got a reference... We also played with all the poor little kids that are stuck in there. They have got to be so bored. We were only there for like 8 hours and I thought we were going to die. But in the end President Morales and his family came, got us out, and took us out to eat. It is just one of those stories, ya know? Maybe you had to have been there.. 

So I was reading in a Liahona the other day when I came across a quote by elder Uctdorf that I like a lot. I am not really sure how to make it effective in English.. but I will give it a shot:

"We do not achieve humility by thinking less OF ourselves; we achieve humility when we think less IN ourselves." It made me think of the devotional we watched by Elder Bednar in the CCM called "The Character of Christ." Christ spent his entire life looking outward, and that was what made him the perfect example. We are not made humble by not recognizing our divine potential and the gifts and talents that God has given us-- we are made humble as we use and dedicate 100% of these blessings to the benefit of others. That is what Jesus did; that is what Jesus would do. Changed my perspective on some things, this quote. Gotta love that Elder Uctdorf.

Pues... I love you I love you I love you!!


Hermana Moser
Also: Shout out to Mom for the PACKAGE!!!! (I am in LOVE with the hot tamalles found therein. And I also like the half-ts you sent better than the ones we got from the missionary mall.. Just saying). And the dearelders from Mom, Jesse, Amanda, and Hermana Howell. Ya´ll are the best :) 

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