Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


April 13, 2015

Ways to know you are officially Mexican:
1. You eat mole without batting an eye. Because you actually like it.
2. You get really hot, and you actually crave pozol.
3. It is not considered ridiculously hot until every part of you is sweating. Eyes, neck, knees... all of it. 
4. You can carry a 20 liter jug of water from the nearest corner store to your 2nd story apartment without putting it down.
5. You CAN break into your own apartment through the tiny window in the bedroom.  
This week was a weird week. I think all the weeks are weird. haha... Just nothing here happens the way I imagined. Today, as we were sitting on the kitchen floor eating freshly made pancakes, we talked about how even 2 years ago we never would have imagined our lives here in Mexico. And now I can´t imagine my life without my time here. It continues to be the BEST. Every day I am amazed by some new thing, or some new word, or some new way of thinking. Every day i learn something new about the gospel or about the love that God has for LITERALLY every single one of His children. The mission is the best ever. So... Sorry if i don´t go home. :) haha kidding... I have already had one run-in with the migration police... Don´t really want to repeat that experience.  
Wait, about the weird week we had: 
It started with Tuesday, because Tuesday we went running. (insert gasp "BUT she doesn´t run!" here). We had been going up to the roof to excercise, because the rule is to go outside for 30 minutes, but I know that Hermana Knowles used to be a runner. She has adapted to other things for the sake of her other companions, but I thought "Hermana Knowles, if you want to run in the morning.. I will support you." You know what that was? A bad idea. We came back from our run (sweating bullets because, pues, it´s Mexico en Abril) only to find that our bedroom was locked! That was completely unacceptable because the fans were in there! We tried opening it with tweezers, knives, bobby-pins... all kinds of things. Nuthin. So then we went outside in the little hallway there and thought, "Well... there is a hole there where the invisible air conditioner lives... Maybe we can get through that!" hermana Knowles tried it... but it didn´t really work. And then I tried it... and I got in! hahaha it was really hilarious and scary and awesome. We still can´t believe it actually worked, and it happened a long time ago.  
The rest of the week was weird just because we were exhausted. I blame running. Then my companions blood pressure spiked yesterday and we had to go to the doctor and she had to get a shot... I am telling you. running is not healthy.  
It was also hard because one of my favorite investigadores dropped us. I hate it when that happens. It just hurts every time.  
We have a baptism planned for this Saturday! For a lovely young woman named Liliana. She is the greatest. I think I sent a funny picture a couple weeks ago with us and her brothers. We are super excited for her, and also for her whole family. Her little brother Kevin turned 8 like a month ago, and is repeatedly asking his mom when he can get baptized. :) I love them. 

Well I´m super stoked you got to go to Hawaii! That sounds great. How about you take me with you next time, eh?
I love you I love you I love you!
Hermana Moser - Mexican.

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