Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gracias a que ¡EL VIVE!

April 6, 2015
Sooo... Last week was awesome.  
I mean, not awesome in that no one was home and there was zero transportation and we walked a lot a lot and it was really hot.... but awesome in that those things didn´t even matter one little bit for Hermana Knowles and I. This new video from the church is the best thing that has happened since El es la Dádiva, and we shared it with the entire world (and by that I mean the pueblito de Cunduacán). It was AWESOME. We spent all of our time testifying of the Atonement of Christ, of His Resurreccion... of His church and His prophet that we heard speak this weekend!!!! 
 I LOVE CONFERENCE! It was the best thing ever! We only had one investigador come. Turns out conference coincides with the same week that all of Mexico goes to the beach for the week. Ni modo. Our investigadora is named Jessica. She is 17 and the sister of a young man that has been less active for about a year. They BOTH came to conference, even though they had cousins at home! We were so excited! Well, I was so excited! Hermana Knowles didn´t even really know that she was an investigador. haha :) Love cambios, right? She said she really liked it, and asked when we could go to her house. She is awesome. 
And so was conference!!! IT WAS AWESOME! Except we didn´t know abou the dissenting votes... And what happened to Elder Scott?? And is president Monson sick? No one tells us anything, so if there is something we should know about.... 
We were just super excited to hear all the messages. It is literally better than Christmas in the mission. I have probably said that before. But seriously.. we go to bed all giddy and we wake up and put our best clothes  on. Well.. this time around that really didn´t happen either because we hadn´t done laundry in 2 weeks gracias a los cambios and we were both running low on clothes. Also we had daylight savings on saturday that robbed us one whole hour of precious sleep, pero bueno. We survived and today we ate pizza and last weekend was conference and IT WAS AWESOME! I loved the talk by the man that spoke in Spanish. And the talk by Elder holland. And the talk abou the Sabbath Day. That is one of our biggest problems in this area. i have no specific quotes to send you because my notes are all in some sweet spanglish. Lets just say that a lot of my questions were answered, and the spirit was felt. I love conference. We are going to use these talks to help the whole world! :D I am very jealous that you all got to go. I am also jealous of that pie that I see in the picture at grandmas house. "What is that... pie? What does that taste like?" 
I also loved when President Uctdorf started speaking in Spanish. The voice over people had a good chuckle as well. They are funny. :)

I love you I love you I love you!
And today i bought a camera. :) So.... Maybe you´ll get pictures next week.
Paz y bendiciones
Hermana Moser

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