Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Monday again?!

February 16, 2015

Buenas tardes!
How was your week? Ours was good... A little weird, but no bats were involved, so I guess that´s a step up, right?

Rodelmar and Laura did not get baptized. :( They suddenly dropped in their excitement and we are not actually sure why. We tried to see them every single day, but usually only succeeded with Rodelmar. Laura always avoided us. Rodel did get his interview---and passed!---but he wants to wait until he knows he has the full support of his wife. We are super bummed, but we haven´t given up hope. We are going to back off a little bit and let the ward to their thing this week. Then we will go back and talk to them and see what all of this was about.
We do have another fecha for this week! His name is Enrique and he is AWESOME. He has been ready to be baptized for forever, but this week he finally accepted a date! We had a super lesson with the bishop and the assistant ward mission leader and the spirit was so strong. Members are SO important! SO IMPORTANT! And now the bishop has just taken him under his wing like his own personal little buddy... We are very happy. :) Enrique´s mom is also thinking about being baptized. She had been to church 2 weeks ago, but then last week she hurt her back really bad and couldn´t even get out of bed. She wanted to go to church but couldn´t, poor thing. But then Sunday after church we went with Bishop and the mision lider and they gave her a blessing. (Enrique said that when he left his cousin and her daughter, who we are also teaching, asked him what the incredible peace was they had felt. He told them it was the Holy Ghost. They are progressing MUCH more now). The next day Estrella was standing, and by Saturday night was walking around like nothing had ever happened! IT IS AWESOME! The priesthood is such a real and powerful thing! I am so grateful that it has been restored to this earth. What would we do without it?? So she came to church as well on Sunday, and we were very happy to see her. :) 

Her husband (who is also named Enrique, confusing, I know. Welcome to my life. We are teaching like 3 Marios too) is progressing slowly, but surely. The first time we were there he didn´t leave the kitchen. Then he was sitting at the table.... then the next visit he was sitting in a kitchen chair by the couch... then the last time he was sitting ON the couch with the rest of his family! He doesn´t say much, but I can tell he is feeling the spirit. Estrella told us that she didn´t come to church when we invited her the first time because she was afraid of what he would say. But then she talked to him about it and he said, "Save yourself first. You save yourself...I'm right behind you." AH! QUE BENDICION! 

So I guess that´s it. We are very happy to be here in Cunduacán. The heat is starting again, so that is unfortunate... but I guess that means that time really is moving forward. Sometimes it feels like I have lived in Mexico my whole life and that I will always continue to live here. It is a weird thing, mission time. I did not get any flowers from strange men this year on valentines day, but I did get a zebra necklace from a very old woman. Mexico is awesome.
I love you I love you I love you!!!
Hermana Moser

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