Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Granny Shoes

March 9, 2015

Soooo this week was a weird one. Felt like we hardly worked because EVERY DAY something weird happened that prevented working like I would have liked. But it is okay... (It took like three tries to write "it is okay." What is wrong with me?!)  
Tuesday the offices called and wanted a bunch of paperwork that involved running from the house to the ciber to the house to the ciber again and took a solid 2 hours of our day. 
Wednesday we had the consejo! AND I SAW HERMANA HILTON!!! IT was so much excitement! I could not stop smiling. President probably thinks we are crazy, but I don´t care. I have not seen that girl since we got here, practically, and so it was AWESOME to see her and also to see how much we have improved. We laughed and laughed about the MTC... Oh goodness those were good times! We got home at like 6 and then started working again... so not much was done in Cunduacán el dia Miercoles. 
Tampoco jueves, because we had the zone class. My poor companion was not feeling very well, and we asked for a blessing from the elders. One of the assistants to the president was the one who gave the blessing, but he had another brand new elder do the anointing. _He was so nervous. He said that he didn´t want to do it because he didn´t want it to not work if he said something wrong. haha It was precious. But then hermana Rivero told him that she wanted him to do it, and he did! I tell ya, when those three worthy young man placed their hands on my companions head the spirit was so strong. I am so incredibly grateful that the priesthood was restored to this earth! IT IS AWESOME!  
Friday night our bishop bought us pizza (He´s kind of awesome) annnnd it made my companion sick again. Poor thing. She was up alll night long, and then felt terrible Saturday morning. We studied, but then she felt like she needed to go back to bed. She slept for SIX WHOLE HOURS. I do not think I have ever been so bored in all of my live-long days. I cleaned the house, I painted those paint-by numbers you gave me for Christmas, I organized all the letters I have received, I watched the district.... and together... and a movie about the Salt Lake Temple... I blew about a thousand bubbles... I tried to decorate something for Estrella's baptism that I KNOW will be in the near future..I wrote a talk.. I read a lot... Oh my goodness I was going crazy. I CANNOT be in an enclosed space for more than 3 hours without loosing my mind. But then we left and we worked a little in the night and I felt better.  
Sunday I gave a talk! I talked about the promise all of us made before we were born to take the gospel and the sacerdocio to ALL THE WORLD. And your prayers must be working, because we had 9 ( NINE ) investigatores in sacrament meeting. They are all progressing.... buuuut none of them want a fecha. We are concerned about that, but we know that faith is stronger than doubt. We just have to help all of them realize the answers that they have already received!  
Also we finally found an investigator that we taught back in January last week. He said that he had read "more than half" of the Book of Mormon and had some questions. So we went and talked about his questions. He says he has no doubt that the book is true, but he still hasn´t made the connection between the Book of Mormon, the restoration, and priesthood authority. We are going to see him tomorrow.... But then at the end of the lesson, just out of curiosity, I asked him more or less where he was. He showed me: "ummm..... Por aquí... Moroní 8." I´m sorry... WHAT?! HE READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON IN ONE MONTH! I will keep you updated. We were really excited about him. 
Also fun thing that happened this week: Ate iguana. Tastes like chicken, but if you think about it too much you start to gag. Trust me.
Took your advice, too, and bought myself some new shoes. Not sure how I feel. They look like 5 year old girl shoes. Missin' the granny shoes right now.
I love you I love you I love you!
Hermana Moser

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