Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, January 5, 2015

Long Live the Acordian

December 29, 2014


It feels like FOREVER since I have talked to you! haha... Just kidding. It feels like it's been approximately 5 minutes. I don´t even feel like there is anything left to say. 

I am kidding, of course. Skype is awesome, but it feels like we finally get down to the good stuff and then we have to say goodbye. I am glad you think that I look happy and well adjusted.. because I AM! I LOVE THE MISSION! I love my companion, I love the area, I love the house... except for the little problems that we have with tiny bathroom details like light and plumbing... My life is gooood. I mean, all that could change with the cambios that are coming this next week, but right now i am super content. 

We had a baptism on Saturday morning of a couple that we met a few weeks ago. They were a reference from Jorge´s mom, which is funny because she still doesn´t want anything yet she tells everybody that these two muchachas can do wonders to help them. haha She makes me laugh. The Ramirez family has had a really rough past, and with the fall that hermano Anastasio had a few months ago.... They have been really humbled and are all about coming closer to God. We figured that his baptism would be the hardest because he has three giant screws coming out of his foot and he can´t move his hand, but he only took two tries and the had it. Hermana Mary, on the other hand, was baptized ELEVEN TIMES. ELEVEN!!! It still blows my mind how long it took. Turns out that she almost drowned when she was a kid and now has an irrational fear of the water. She could not put her face in. She would get so close and then she would spaz out. The whole ward was yelling advice and words of encouragement... It was probably not the ideal spiritual setting. But she did it!!! And they were both confirmed yesterday, and they were just beaming. :) It was awesome. 

Ramirez Family
um.. que mas que mas.... My cold is getting better. I mean, a little. It is about time, too, because it has been here with me for about a month now and I am over it. Apparently the branch is sick of my sniffling and coughing too because everyone is giving me medicine. haha.. They are good people. 

A few nights ago we had a mariachi band outside our window. They were there singing to the neighbors, but we like to think that it was a special serenade for us. I really love mariachis, but they make me laugh because there is ALWAYS an accordion, and they play it like they are just the coolest thing in town. It makes me laugh. Every time. 

You asked what we do for exercise... Sometimes we "dance" to APPROVED music.. sometimes we run stairs outside the appartment.. sometimes we are laying on the floor doing leg lifts with our eyes closed... It kind of depends. haha but the president just came out with a new rule that we all have to leave the house to go run or walk in the morning. Don´t know what THAT is about, but ... guess we´re going outside now. I will ask him tomorrow because we will get to see him and hermana Morales! YAY! POR FIN we are going to have our Christmas dinner! And we are hoping that means packages. :) 

I love you I love you I love you!!!! Have a wonderful week! Talk to you next year :) hahah. I am clever.

Hermana Moser

Christmas Dinner!

And by that I mean Mrs. Clause. Santa is a boy and cannot come in. 

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