Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Koondooahkán (así se pronuncie)

January 12, 2015

Buenas tardes mis queridos...

This week has been QUITE the adventure. We have yet to have a day completely normal. It seems like every day has something out of the ordinary... 

Monday: We had transfers, which obviously means that no one washed their clothes. Today was a REALLY long p-day gracias a all the clothes we had to wash. 

Tuesday: The ward used to have 4 missionaries... 2 hermanas and 2 elderes. Unfortunately there was a bit of tension with the bishop blah blah blah and now we are nada mas 2 hermanas here in the area. As you might imagine, the elders has an apartment FULL of things that had to be moved out. So that is what we did the better part of the afternoon....clean out a nasty elder apartment and put all their junk in our house. We now have 3 bed frames...2 fridges...un BUEN de materiales...4 tables...Our apartment is jam packed. 

Wednesday: We had el consejo with the zone liders and the presidente. It was awesome because, well the president and his wife are the best. They told us about the new iniciate from the church with the little cards that have all the questions on them! how exciting! It is SO MUCH EASIER to contact with those little guys! I love it. So  was full of counseling together and traveling. It takes about an hour to get to villa from here. 

Thursday: Zone class. I had to speak again, but it was awesome because we did a little play. hahaa... the elders were good sports and helped me out. "will you guys help me?" "yeah sure." "Good.. here are your costumes." "WHAT?"  hahaha GOOD Times

Friday...pretty much normal.

Saturday:   We had a baptism of a little kid that is a genius. His name is Yair and he is 9. He is awesome.
Hermano Yair en su bautismo :)

Sunday: I gave a talk in church!! I am pretty sure the bishop is trying to see if I am good enough or something... He also asked us to go give FHE at his house tonight. #gulp.

Pyues... the assistants just called me and took up all my time. Sorry about it. It is not my fault. I love you I love you I love you!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NAFLIN AND BRAD!!! (did they ever get my letters?)

Hermana Moser

PS. I keep forgetting to tell you... Gloria and her babies LOVED the presents!!! You are their hero. 

        Sitting in the trunk on the way from the hospital to the Christmas dinner. 
The district presidente shut the door on my head shortly after this picture was taken.
       New years eve dinner with the body-builders.
     The Dad in this family has a date for the 24th :) 
He was the one we were helping by not eating bread.

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