Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Jan 5, 2015


So.... I am not in Zapata. Again. But this time it is permanent which is super sad and exciting at the same time. But really sad, because I love Zapata a lot. It felt like home to me. Anyways... We have had transfers, as you might have guessed. I am with hermana Rivera de la Guarda in a little town outside of Villa called Cunduacán. My companion is 23 and from Florida, but her parents are from Peru. AKA home girl speaks perfect Spanish. But it´s FINE because I do too. (hahaha... That was a joke). The people here have been super nice so far, and I am excited to get to work! WHOOOOOOO!
Last week was a blast because we FINALLY had our Christmas dinner, which was awesome because this year we did service. Our zone went to a hospital in Palenque to visit the sick people. That was awkward because I am still currently coughing up a lung...Do you know what the general reaction is to sickness in a hospital? It´s kind of like "Please don´t breathe my air. I already have problems." haha. But we met some really wonderful people who needed a message of Christmas to lift their spirits. We shared El es la Dádiva.. we sang hymns... we colored pictures... we talked about how awesome the gospel of Christ is... It was awesome.

And then we went to the little house of prayer for the devotional. They had each district get up and sing a special number. OH the hilarious times.... I can´t sing very well... Hermana Zimmerman had lost her voice.. and Elder Bingham started the tone really high. Have you ever seen that Disney channel movie Lemonademouth? Where they go to the competition and totally fail because they´re all broken? That was kind of like our musical number. "Faaaalllll on your knneeeeees cough cough cough" hahahahahaha I still laugh when I think about it. President gave us italian chocolates for Christmas. And a new white board. You know what he didn´t give us? Packages. This week. This week we will get them. Don´t you worry, Mom!

Luego, Hermana Reidelbach was pressuring me to go tell the president that I want to extend. Welll, that freaked me out and I started crying. For various reasons I was just feeling super inadequate and like I didn´t deserve to waste anyones time by staying another month in the mission. Then the president came in and talked to me and reminded me that change comes little by little and that I need to be patient. He accepted my request to extend, which means I will be coming home June 8th :) Sorry about it. He also gave me a blessing that was exactly what I needed to hear. A lot of things from my patriarchal blessing were repeated, and I was reminded of the love God has for little ole me. It was a humbling day. But now I feel more spiritually healthy than I have in a while. 

New Years we ate a lot. We went with an awesome body-builder investigator family to eat spageti y carne polaca. It was delicious. We had to be home by 8... so we had ourselves a mini fiesta right there en casa. IT was really fun. We went to bed at 10:30. Slept through all of the fireworks. ,...HAPPY 2015!
Let´s all be a little bit better this year, and help others do the same.
I love you I love you I love you
Hermana Moser

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