Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

12 months later... Wait, what?

November 10, 2014
Hellooooo familia mía

Remember that time I didn´t see you for 12 months? Weird. I was thinking about that today. I have had so many experiences and have met so many people and it kind of freaks me out that ya´ll do not know them. Does that make any sense? I mean.. it also freaks me out that I know next to nothing about your lives from the last year. And then at the same time it feels like I have been gone maybe one month. Time is the weirdest. 

This week was hard because the whole world left Zapata. Or maybe just our investigators. And they actually only left Sunday. But that is a huge deal when church attendance is effected! We have not had anyone at church for 3 weeks now, and it has been hard to not be discouraged. We are doing our best because, as PME says, when your... animo .. (como se dice en Ingles? haha whoops) goes down, so does your faith and therefore your effectiveness. But, there ya go. A hard week for the mission, Pero bueno.

Then today I was reading in Alma 8. (This story is significant because my ENTIRE mission I have been looking for how to be a super missionary like Alma or Amulek or Aaron or Ammon..... maybe I should spell my name A-lise? hahaha.. joking). In this chapter Alma was really discouraged because all of the people would rather stay with the wicked traditions of their fathers than hear the truth. Luego, as Alma is dejectedly leaving the city that he worked so hard to help, and angel appears and tells him to rejoice! He says (in vs 15.. I do not have English scriptures right now) "Lavanta la cabeza y regocíjate, pues tienes mucho por que alegrarte; pues ha sido fiel en guardar los mandamientos de Dios.." I felt like he was talking to me. Lift up your head and REJOICE! We have so much to be grateful for! We have seen so many blessings and tender mercies and miracles! It is AWESOME TO BE A MISSIONARY! Afterward, the angel sends Alma right back into that city. It is only then that he finds Amulek and they begin to have success. It was awesome because even missionaries like Alma had hard weeks. Even missionaries like Alma were tempted to feel discouraged. Missionaries like Alma were exactly obedient. Missionaries like Alma had success in the end. Did that make sense? It made sense to me. Ah.. I love the Book of Mormon. 

You asked for a funny story. Aqui esta: 

We had a conference with President Morales this week. Apparently there have been gas leaks in apartments of missionaries somewhere in the world, and he gave us all gas detectors. That´s right, Mom... you bet he started with the gas jokes. "Maybe we shouldn´t plug it in right now. That would be embarrassing for some people." "Just don´t put it in the bathroom, okay?" etcetera. hahaha He is hilarious. I am so glad he is my mission president! 

The conferences was really awesome, though. We talked about how to work more with the members and how to contact and how to edify the church. We are not here to baptize people just so they can go inactive. We are here so that someday the little rama Zapata will be a thriving and wonderful stake of zion. We were all inspired. I love Presidente Morales y su esposa :) 

This week is gonna be awesome.

I love you I love you i love you!

Hermana Moser

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