Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Week of Singing Catholics


Glad to hear all is well on the home front. Especially with the snow thing... I am so grateful for the blessings and power that come from fasting and prayer! What would we even do without them?

 I am also VERY grateful to have come from a home and family and parents that love the Lord and teach their children about spiritual things from a young age. We´ve been teaching this young girl--Diana (9), who is a STINKER when she comes to church-- and she does not know a thing about religion. We were really surprised to find this out, because her extended family is super catholic and they are always singing and things. But, nope. She and her mother are both like little children when it comes to this. It makes the lessons a little challenging, but that´s why we teach by the spirit. Because we don´t actually know how to teach anything, let alone something of this magnitude from the ground up.  :) 

SPEAKING of singing Catholics, I have another story for ya´ll. I assume that everyone likes sleep, right? It´s great. It keeps us healthy and happy and... well, happy. Well, we happen to live right across the street from this Catholic church and apparently last week was some sort of celebration. Great. Love it. Celebrations are ¨de beeehhhst,¨ and stuff. But these lovely people start ringing their bells at 4 AM and then begin singing the worst/ longest song I have ever heard in all of my days. You know what can make an hermana grumpy in the morning? Singing Catholics. A girl needs her sleep. 

So.... I don´t remember how much I told you about Selene last week.. but we committed her to living the word of wisdom, and she accepted. She really likes the coffee, though, so we have been praying really hard all week that she will be able to keep her commitment and quit coffee. WELL, the next time we visited her she told us that she hasn´t even felt like she WANTED the coffee! She started telling us all about the health benefits she has seen, and how she can sleep "un poco mas tranquila." Bless her. I love her! She is progressing so much! I mean.. she´s still having her struggles, but we have so much faith in her! YAY SELENE! and YAY for the power of prayer!

Also this week mi compañera has been dealthy ill. Not really, but she has been sick with something. She´s hackin up a lung, and was out with a fever for a day. And by "day" I mean a morning, because she´s one tough cookie, that hermana Morales. Ain´t nothing gonna prevent her from getting stuff done. And Mom: Everyone and their dog has a cold right now. They are all blaming it on the changes in temperature because one day it will be deathly hot, and the next rainy and "cold." Can that really be the cause? If so, I think I might be immune. Living 10 years in Idaho was good preparation for this here territory. 

I know what you are all thinking. "How is your Spanish, Hermana Moser? Please tell us." It´s FINE. I´ll update you: Spanish is still hard. Actually, this learning-a-second-language is the hardest thing I have ever done. But this week it has been a different kind of hard, because I am actually starting to realize I can understand what people are saying to me. Let´s talk about how terrifying that is for just a second.. For the past 2 months I have been able to get by just looking at hermana Morales with an "I´m American and I don´t understand what they said and so you´re going to have to answer that question" expression on my face. Now that I can understand things I can´t really pull that card anymore and it´s really scary. Yep. I´m having to rely on the Lord even more than before, which is a lot. It seems the more I rely on the Lord, the more weaknesses I notice in myself, and the more I rely on the Lord. I think I´ll call this "The Mission Cycle," because I don´t see it stopping any time in the near future. That´s alright, though, because I am learning more here than I ever have before. Also, speaking is still way harder than understanding. My accent is terrible. 

In other, more boring, news: Yes, Mom, I am using my DEET. Not the tiny one that you gave me, because that says very clearly in English to not use it on skin, but one that I bought this week when I went to immigration (HUZZAH for green cards). I use the tiny one on my bag, because sometimes these tiny little creatures appear on it and it freaks me out. 

Shout out to Naflin for being the TIN MAN!!!! WHOOO!!!! Totes pumped. 
Also to my bff Amy for completing 21 years of life! I made sure to honor it in my agenda el día de hoy :) 

I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser

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  1. It seems the more I rely on the Lord, the more weaknesses I notice in myself, and the more I rely on the Lord. I think I´ll call this "The Mission Cycle," because I don´t see it stopping any time in the near future.

    I love this!!! BAM!!!