Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Feb. 7, 2014
Dearest familia,       

This week was awesome because I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!! WHOOOOO!!! I have never been so excited to see a box in all of my days. I am not joking. And, obviously, I cried the whole time I was opening it. ¨What´s this? Sweedish Fish and Hot Tamalles?? THEY KNOW ME SO WELL!!!!¨ Tears. Quite ridiculous. And so thank you, my dear family, for the happiest Christmas-in-January that I have ever had. I especially enjoyed the dancing cow. Her splits are quite impressive. :) Also, you bet your life I´m going to carry that Christmas tree around until next year. I´m super stoked to put it up. 


In other news, my black coat and my jeans molded. Sick nasty. We thoroughly deep-cleaned everything this morning and found a lot of nastiness we didn´t even know existed. Por ejemplo: The green white button-up shirt on the back balcony surrounded by thousands (exaggeration) of spiders. Ugh. Elders. But now everything has been thrown out, or washed, or clorox-ed and we feel a lot better about life. It helped that last week Hermanas Cuevas y Wood moved two doors down. This means more space and less humidity and it is AWESOME.

This week we also had TWO (count ém) comp-exchanges. The first was with Hermana Cuevas otra vez, which was fine because she knows me and the investigators and the area and it was a good time with her. The very next day, however, we exchanged with the hermanas de Las Rosas. We did this because my blessed compañera is the zone-sister training leader, and therefore has to exchange with every companionship in the zone once a transfer. I was NOT a happy camper to be stuck here with the cell-phone and the keys and a stranger. It was seriously terrifying to be the senior companion for a day in a land where I still have troubles speaking about things non-gospel. That being said, the Lord heard my many prayers, and I was incredibly blessed the whole day. Not only could I understand my new companion (who spoke faster than I thought was humanly possible) I was able to direct the taxi and communicate with the members and investigators. AND I didn´t even get lost one time! It was the día de milagros, and I am very grateful for the experience. But I´m extremely glad to have hermana Morales back. :) 

Last week was similar to the week before by way of teaching. It seems everyone and their thousand dogs are ¨sick.¨ In reality, they just have colds...but they literally think they are dying. Also, in Mexico when you have a cold, you cannot drink anything cold. When then told me that all I could think of was how I would die if I had to drink hot liquids in this hotness. Nope. But we are still making progress with Selene. 

We have also been teaching four siblings: Sheila-13, Armando-11, Mariana- 10, Lupita- 8. They are the most precious little things! Sheila has apparently made a complete 180 in her associations with the missionaries. Hermana Morales told me that when they first started coming, she wouldn´t even say hello. Now, before we even say the closing prayer, she´s the one asking ¨When can you come again??¨ Wow. Miracle. They also have been coming to church with us. This week they apparently talked about baptism in primary, because all the way home Mariana was talking about how she needs to be baptized, and asking us questions about our baptisms. Sheila commented on it too. We were thinking ¨YES! BAPTISM! But first, we actually have to get permission from your very Catholic grandmother.. so just hold on to that thought.¨ So we´re praying for Grandma to see the changes in her grandchildren, and allow them to take this next step. Whooo!!

I tried to take a picture of my legs, but you can´t really see the individual dots. It´s not as impressive as it is in real life, so I´ll just let you use your imagination. It looks a lot like chicken-pox, if that helps any. 

Also, we totally had pancakes last night with the family of Nageli, whom I adore. They were DELICIOUS, and I could just close my eyes and picture myself with my family for a second. :) 

Also also, I got bit by a dog. RELAX. It´s fine. Didn´t even get the skin. But the dumb dog tore my favorite skirt, and so I am a little ticked. I was going to take a picture, but I forgot. So.. sorry. Maybe next week. And I think it´s important for you to know that when Hermana Morales gets nervous, she starts laughing and can´t stop. For example: The time I got bit by a dog. I was VERY confused as to why she was laughing when I was in the various stages of shock, and she just kept saying ¨Estoy nerviosa..tengo miedo...¨ Ah. Weird. Bless her. 

Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf, and for those with whom I am working. I can feel the power of them every day, and I am so grateful. Grateful for people who love me enough to remember me in their prayers, and grateful that we are only a prayer away from the most Supreme Being--our Father in Heaven. Prayer is the best thing ever, and I know it works. God will not only hear your prayers and answer them, He WANTS to hear your prayers and answer them. So keep on keepin´on, and I´ll keep you in my prayers as well. :)

I love you I love you I love you!!!!

Hermana Moser

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