Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Monday, January 27, 2014


BUEnas tardes,

This week.. was an interesting week. I´m actually not sure how I feel about it. It was a hard, long, awkward week for mi compañera y yo, but we also saw success... #bienvenidaamivida

It was hard and long for many reasons, but the major reason was that no one was home again. All week long we would trudge from one side of town to the other, only to find that not a blessed soul was home. Or they were sleeping. Or they were sick. Or they were ocupado. I mean.. a hermana can only take so much. (´Specially a white girl with the Mexican sun blazing down on her). This lack-of-personas culminated yesterday evening when, after choir practice (of 5 singing hermanas and me playing the piano) hermana morales and I literally could find no one to teach. Gladys was sick; Johana was sick; Felipe was uninterested; Vincente was gone; Sheila, Mariana, Armando, and Lupita were gone; Mari--the rockstar member-missionary-- was gone. It was ridiculous. We ended up teaching only Hermana Laina, who is awesome because she always gives us cookies. She also usually gives us some sort of nasty beverage, but that is beside the point.

Enough complaints! On with the exciting news! ...drum roll please....SELENE HAS A FECHA BAUTISMAL!!!!!!! Did I tell you about Selene? I sure hope I did, because she is GOLDEN. I knew it right from the beginning. Well, actually that´s a lie.. but I knew it pretty quick. She is wonderful. SHE teaches US in the lessons, which is what can happen when the investigadora keeps her reading commitments. She comes to every lesson with not only her Book of Mormon, but her Principles of the Gospel book, her pamphlets, and a pen. She is a joy to teach. She is a little nervous about being fully prepared for February 15th, but she can do it. She can do anything with the atonement of Jesus Christ. She was sick this weekend, so she didn´t make it to church.. but everything else is on the up-and-up and we are really excited!

Also, Angelina was invited to be baptized this week as well. She told us not only does she know she needs to be baptized, but she wants to be baptized as well. That being said, she doesn´t feel ready to have a date. She has some things in her past that she wants to make sure are fully in the past before she moves forward. We´re working with her, and she´s keeping her commitments too, so we have faith she´ll come around. Also, her daughter (who is 10 and a member) straight-up prays that her mom will get baptized while we´re there. It´s the greatest. Her faith is going to work miracles.

And now for my incredibly awkward story entitled "The Time I Got Asked Out by the Ciberkid"

Once upon a time, hermana Morales, Johana, and I were headed out to Polo to visit Angelina. As we were walking to the main road to find a taxi, a young man on a bicycle 15 feet away started shouting "MOSER! HEY MOSER! REMEMBER ME FROM THE CIBER?!" It was a young man, who I think might be autistic, that I met in the internet cafe about a month ago. He still remembered my name, so that´s awesome. He wanted a picture with me, but we have decided that´s actually not a good idea. Don´t want to have someone showing their "American girlfriend" to a member of the church or something, right? So we graciously turned him down. I dodged his hug, and then his cheek-kiss, and continued to the street. It wasn´t long before he flipped another U-turn, and pedaled down the street yelling "HEY MOSER!! ARE YOU HUNGRY!? HAVE YOU EATEN ANYTHING?!" We thanked him, but told him we were late for an appointment. I dodged his kiss again, and ran into a taxi while he yelled "ADIOS MOSER!" Hermana Morales and Johana thought it was the funniest thing. Oh my life is so awkward. Seriously, just one giant awkward moment. If only you knew.

Also now I am nervous every time I see a bike. Which is a lot of times.

Well.. That´s about it for this week. Sorry that it is so short. Best of luck to ya´ll in all your endevors. Endeavors? Wow. I can´t English. I am praying for you always and love you bunches!

Also shouts out to cousins Nelson and Tanner for being honorably returned missionaries!! I sure appreciate your examples. :) Love you guys!!!

I love you I love you I love you!

Hermana Moser

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