Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Friday, July 18, 2014


July 14, 2014

I am all aboard with petitioning president Morales for more email time. HOWEVER, I do not think he will take me seriously. He always just thinks I´m joking around... When we asked for a blender.. when we asked for AC... even when we asked for a moto. I mean, I know I´m hilarious.. but HELLO. These things are serious. 

Not that we need AC as badly now. I think we are FINALLY entering the rainy season, and I have actually felt cold a couple of times this week. #soychoca. The rainy season does, however, present problems with getting home on time because the lovely hermana Matilde will not let us leave her house when it is raining. It is actually not fair because the gates on the doors here are locked at all times, and we have no way of escaping. The only way we can get out is if we take her GIGANTIC umbrella or, if we remembered our umbrellas in an attempt to foil her plans, we are forced to wear huge red rainboots. Boy were we a sight to be seen walking home last night in the rain. I should´ve taken a picture.

This week has been full of rejection-type moments. Those are the best. We´ve had people laugh at us, people use reverse-psychology type nonsense (which makes even less sense in Spanish...), people shut the door slowly as we are talking, and people that "go to find someone" and never come back. So that´s been a change of pace. It is a little frustrating, but we read about Alma in The Book of Mormon this week, and as it turns out he was rejected quite a lot too. I am learning that it is not important how many rejections we face, it is important that we keep our faith intact and that we keep working with all of our HEART, MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH. We gotta keep our focus on those that DO accept to hear the message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

And we have had successes too. Yesterday, por ejemplo, we met Marta. Actually, we surprised her by showing up at her door already knowing her name because her contacted sister-in-law gave us her name and address. :) She´s just had a baby, and her husband works a lot, and I could tell she was really tired. But she still graciously let us enter her home and share a short message. She told us that she has always been so confused about which church is really the Church of Christ and, well, we told her we could help with that. :) 

We also met Karina, who is the younger sister of another investigator that was sleeping when we went to her house. She is so precious, and she has had a rough past. She has made a lot of changes already in her life, but when we talked about how she could erase all of the damage done through faith, repentance, and baptism she just lit up. She--all by herself-- said that she wanted us to come back. "I am only here Tuesdays and Thursdays.. so can you come those days at  6?" she says. YES, Karina. Yes we can.

We also met another young woman, referencia de un miembro (LOVE those), named Nancy who is studying to be a doctor and is awesome. She came to church yesterday and we are about to have a FHE with her in the home of hermana Matilde. (The same Matilde as the umbrella and boots. Don´t worry. We are fully rain-prepared so that we can leave when we need to. Bless her).

SPEAKING of church yesterday: We teach gospel principles every Sunday because they still haven´t called a new one. We alternate between the two companionships every week. This week was our turn, and, wouldn´t ya know it, the topic was the law of chastity. That is fine! We are actually all about being chaste and virtuous, and I do not have a problem helping others see the importance of living this commandment. That being said, teaching a room full of investigators and recent converts is a liiiiitttle different than the normal teaching situation. To make matters even more entertaining, my companion said "And now we will turn the time of the lesson over to Hermana Moser." WHAT?!!! haha.. don´t worry.. My 3 lovely companions all helped me. They could see I was drowning with the comments that were being made.... You should ask me about it someday. It´ll be a great dinner conversation.

Well, I am glad that everyone is having a wonderful summertime! What is Jesse going to do all by himself, exactly? Start a fire? Start a flood? Spend time in a Turkish prison? Hope everyone has a good time in their respective camps. LOVE summer in Idaho! 

Hey. Do you want to know a good scripture that you all should read? Hebrews 12:1-2. It´s very inspiring. I LOVE THE SCRIPTURES.

Also hey: Did you know that Germany won the world series!!?? (And by series I do believe she means cup.)I was totally rooting for them. Actually, I was cheering Mexico. But then they lost and then I was cheering for the US. But then when they lost I was happy that Germany won. Feel like I have family there or something. :) 

I love you I love you I love you!

Have a large day! ;)

Hermana Moser

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