Elise at temple

Elise at temple
Hermana Moser

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hola mi familia! Comó estan!?

I am doing just fantastic here at the CCM. Actually I feel like there is a lot to say and not a lot to say all at the same time, so my mind is going a billion miles a minute and I am struggling with figuring out how to begin.

How about with this: Remember how everyone knows you get an investigator in the MTC, and how shocked I was when we found out we had to teach MORE than one lesson? Well.. around this time last week, Alfredo stopped seeing the missionaries. What all of the older districts had failed completely to warn us about was that once that first week is over, you get TWO BRAND NEW INVESTIGATORS. One is "Wayne." Bless him. He's a sweet guy. Reminds me of Alfredo. Except for he's atheist, so that's great. When he told us he didn't believe in God hna. Wood and I just exchanged a look of "Ooh no." and "I haven't the slightest clue how to address this in Spanish." Our otra investigadora is "Nancy" and she is very much reserved. She's 18 and only likes to sleep and watch Twilight and is struggling with understanding just how much God loves her. Entonces, needless to say, our new investigators are a handful. Pero esta bien! It's not about our relationship with them, it's about building their relationship with the Savior. We are just there as an instrument in the hands of the Lord. You know what? Missionary work is very humbling.

This second week has been more challenging than the first, and I think it's because we are expected to know more, and I get frustrated when I don't remember absolutely everything we have learned. They keep reminding us what a milagro it is that we can even speak this much Spanish after 14 days, but it's still really irritating for me. So, combine that with other triggers, and I just started crying in coaching the other day. Poor Hna. Haws was so kind to me. I really was fine, but I guess I needed to cry something out because the tears just didn't stop. It was super annoying, but everything is good now. And she taught me how turning to El Libro de Mormon in any situation can be comforting and an answer to prayer. (I recommend 2 Nefi 4. Es muy bonita). (Also, sorry for not using the accents. That would requite me to change the setting of this keyboard, and I'm just really not about that life right now). 

Our Sunday night devotional this week was given by Mary Ellen Edmunds and it was the best devotional every porque she was HILARIOUS. But she said something that I think was meant for me in dealing with things this week. She said, "All you can do is the best you can do." Sweet, right? It's so true. 

ALSO I watched a devo by Elder Holland where he said this:
"He said, 'come to the edge' and we said 'No, we'll fall.
He said, 'Come to the edge,' and we said, 'No, we'll fall.
He said, 'Come to the edge.'
We came. He pushed. 
We flew."

Miracles happen outside your comfort zone. And that is why missions are hard. :)

We got TWO new districts in our zone last night! It's very exciting because now we are not the youngest district! Of course, that doesn't really matter because the other hermanas that have come are intermediate, but I am okay with it. Esta bien. They still don't know where the mailbox is, so I've still got an advantage.

MOM! YES HERMANA HILTON IS IN MY DISTRICT! And she is hilarious and I love her. So you can just go back and hunt down her aunt to tell her that. She is like 7 feet tall and really good at Spanish. 

NATHAN! CONGRATULATIONS MY LITTLE EAGLE SCOUT! Loved those pictures. So wonderful. Me guesta. Actually, me encanta. Pictures are always really great. In any form. So... sending them is a good idea. (hint hint.) PS. NATHAN: You know what eagle scouts do? They write their sisters who are on missions. So, probably get on that. 

Mom and Dad, your emails are the best things in this world. I laugh out loud at them frequently and then have to run and share with the other hermanas. I think they are getting sick of hearing about my family. :) Pero, that sounds like a personal problem porque I LOVE my family! 

Buenos suerte in school and work and the show and everything.

I love you I love you I love you.
I promise to try to send pictures this time :)

con amor,
Hermana Moser
 Ps. my card is not working with this computers. So it is looking like I will have to try again next week. I'm sorry :(


  1. I feel like Google Translate and I will become good friends! She's great :)

  2. Love it Sister Moser keep the updates coming! :)